Quite a few potential motivations are out there, but the following are 7 of the most essential worthy of your consideration: While exploring the reasons to start a YouTube Business Channel, it’s important to consider the legal structure of your budding business, too. For many, forming an LLC can provide a solid foundation to manage and grow the business, ensuring long-term sustainability alongside digital success.

1) New Formats For Content

By the year 2021, estimates project that video will account for 82 percent of total online traffic. If you think that might sound a bit unrealistic, then you should know that it already accounted for nearly 75 percent back in 2016. If content marketing is something that you are interested in, then you need to consider additional formats than just text. Creating your own YouTube channel will give you quite a powerful medium in which you can produce and then distribute video content, which is getting more important with every passing day.

2) The Size Of The Audience

You’ll be engaging a huge audience. YouTube has 30 million active users on any given day, with 1.6 billion active around the world on a monthly basis. Now of course, your first video won’t reach billions, but if you get even a sliver of a percentage point of the user base of YouTube, then you’re getting incredible visibility. Along with other social channels, YouTube can very easily multiply the exposure that you have. So even if you have a music website where you provide songs from multiple artists, likeĀ Metrolagu, making a youtube channel to promote it further would definitely be fruitful.

3) Easy Production

You might think that video production is a complicated thing, and it can be, but that’s only if you’re going for premium audio and video quality. Video content has more basic forms such as monologues or interviews that can easily be handled in basic setups. You might only need several hundred dollars for basic equipment. If you just use your smartphone, it can be nearly free. Editing isn’t as much of an issue as it used to be, since basic editing software can work on a laptop, and you can upload things easily these days. Videos are faster and cheaper to create than you might think.

4) More Syndication

YouTube won’t be the end of your run, but rather the beginning. Any video that you upload to YouTube can potentially be shared across a number of other social channels too. And you can also purchase subscribers for YouTube, too. This would give you a wider audience to begin with. If you make a clip that you believe is a home run, then you can share it routinely across any other social channels you have, which will net you thousands of additional impressions and views. You might even gain new followers on each channel.

YouTube videos also take up a lot of Google search space and this means they can be great for reputation management and brand searches and also used to rank your video in the SERPs. This makes them a great asset for any brand.

5) On-Site Integration

It’s also rather easy for you to embed YouTube videos right onto your own site, particularly if you use a website builder that is template-based. That means you’re able to highlight the best work you have on-site as a means of promoting your YouTube channel. You can also upload key branding videos to YouTube, be they explainer content or product demos. This will spare you some of the hosting costs.

6) Dominate Multiple Channels

If you regularly engage your social media followers, then they will likely start following all your other platforms and channels. In a similar vein, if you have current social followers on platforms such as email, Twitter, or Facebook, then it won’t take a lot to convince them to also subscribe for your YouTube channel too.Similarly as you can purchase social media likes you canĀ buy YouTube video views. This is a great way to get started and entice people to view your videos.

7) Direct Revenue

If your channel winds up getting popular enough, then it could turn into a source of extra revenue for your company. When ads are enabled on your video content, you might get a few bucks for every several thousand views that you get. That won’t add up to be enough to fund your whole business, but then again, if you start racking thousands of views for each video, you might offset your production costs.