Have you ever heard of ClickFunnels? You may be wondering what is ClickFunnels. The good news is that our team is here to explain to you exactly what ClickFunnels is: If it is worth it, and a little bit more about each category like pricing and featured. Keep reading to learn all about ClickFunnels!

Every business cares about price, that’s completely normal and that is why we wanted to start our review talking about the price to you. ClickFunnels is $99 per month and that allows you to have access to all of the funnels. You may be thinking that is quite a bit of money. Something like WordPress is $99 per year, perhaps you could just make individual pages to the website instead. The thing about ClickFunnels, however, is that that cost includes a full funnel, just like the name says. They also test the funnels. You don’t need to learn to code, and we will get into many more advantages below. When you think about all of the small things that you would pay for in order to create a successful funnel, ClickFunnels is not too expensive of an investment. Understand, however, that it is not a free program.

The next advantage we want to talk about is how user-friendly it is. Some programs can be so complicated. That means unless you know exactly what you are talking about and how to code a website, you won’t be able to work it. With ClickFunnels, none of that is true. You don’t need to hire a coder specifically for the work. You can easily do it yourself. Since the temples at each part of the funnel are, you simply drag photos over to each section of the funnel and on each page. Where there are words, you simply write your own and replace the “type your text here”. It makes it so simple to know how to do it. If you are a business owner and don’t have time to be doing it yourself, it’s still great to know if you needed to jump in and make a change quickly, it’s not too difficult of a program to be able to do this. If you need other team members to be working on the same funnel, you can have that too and everyone would understand what they are doing. That’s a huge perk about ClickFunnels.

The next advantage to ClickFunnels is the funnels themselves. Did you know that ClickFunnels tests the funnels out? If a funnel is not becoming profitable and not working as well as it once did they stop giving that as an option for you. That means you will only see ones that have been getting good results. Each of the funnels has a goal in mind. Some of these goals are:

  • Getting the customer to purchase a product or service at the end
  • Getting a customer to sign up for a webinar
  • Getting a customer to download an eBook
  • Getting the   email address
  • And much more

By having a specific goal in mind you will be able to go into ClickFunnels and look at the funnels specifically designed for your goal your business has. Once you know your goal and start looking through the different funnels, you can choose one that you like the best or that best suits your goal.

There are hundreds of funnels to choose from so don’t be scared that your funnel will look exactly like everyone else’s. One of the only negatives about ClickFunnels for some businesses is that they can end up having a funnel that does look like someone else out there. Although there are hundreds to choose from, thousands and thousands of businesses are utilizing ClickFunnels so your funnel can end up looking like a funnel. The good news is that since ClickFunnels is always making changes and improving their funnels, they won’t keep a funnel around if it is not converting for the business.

The final topic with ClickFunnels that we want to go over is why a funnel is important for your business. A funnel has a goal in mind. The customer will be brought through a series of different websites in order to purchase your goal. Perhaps you are target marketing and once they have opened the first funnel, you know it’s time for them to open the next funnel after that because that is in the funnel series. The funnel will automatically go to the next funnel with that person. It takes the guessing work out of it and will do everything for you.

As you can see, ClickFunnels has so many great advantages to it! Not only can it end up saving you money, but it will get you the results you are looking for. ClickFunnels can get you the results you are looking for and will be a lot less confusing. Whether you are doing the work or you have a marketing expert running the program, you can rest assured if you do need to jump in and make changes, it is user-friendly.