One of the top-rated online games, League of Legends is being played by every three out of five people today. The game is available for free, which is one of the reasons of its popularity at a massive level. In 2014, the game had made a record when 27 million players played it in a single day.

But what makes this game so popular among people? Let us know what efforts of League of Legends’ developers made this game so much famous.

Ranking and Ladders

Ranking and ladders help to keep a player’s interest in the game. There are six rankings to achieve for the players. After completing a rank, the players are packed with new beneficial features which help them in surviving the game. Players can play on any rank after completing all the ranks.

But those who are not much interested in ranks, even they can enjoy this game very well. Those players can play the game without ranking mode too.

Players’ Communication

Though League of Legends is a team game, one can play it solo or in the duo format. It can also be played with strangers by inviting them online while you start the game. When you play in the team format, you can communicate to your teammates through voice as well as textual chat.

Apart from this, a player can add his social media friends as well in his community group to invite them to join his team. There are many online websites available such Elo Boost, which provide a reliable and fast elo boost as well as tips about how to play League of Legends in the team format.

Competitive Championship

League of Legends is a heavily viral game. And millions of users take part in the championship and earn a significant amount of money. Some competitive teams from China, Korea, America, and Europe are sponsored by big companies to play in stadiums. Playing in the stadium attract millions of League of Legends lovers. The team which wins the game gets its price value in dollars.

Such rewards are another reason why the game enjoys such a massive followership all over the world.