Powerball is the world famous lottery game which is mostly played in US countries. Till now Powerball has made many people millionaire through its starting jackpot prize of $40 million. Earlier the game was limited to US countries. But as of now, it can be played online through Powerball sites (파워볼사이트) too from any part of the world, just by getting tickets online.

People enter in highly anticipated draws to win the amount on Wednesday and Saturday announcements. We have compiled some interesting facts about Powerball, which you would like to read.

Biggest Jackpot is never Won By a Single Person

Last year Powerball announced its biggest jackpot win of $1.6 billion. But the Jackpot was not won through a single ticket. Actually, the Jackpot was divided into three lottery numbers and the amount was divided equally into three persons. Each person got $528 million. There was also a jackpot of $600 million being won, but the amount was split into several lucky people.

To win the Jackpot, You have to win the Lottery two Times

Jackpot amount in Powerball is not for the one-time lucky winners. Out of 69 white balls, a player has to select five numbers and out of 26 red balls, the player has to select 1 number. Winner of both types of ball’s numbers is the claimer of the Jackpot.

Powerball is Monitored Through High Security

As money in great amount is involved in the Powerball lottery game, it becomes difficult to win the trust of the players after an unlucky game manipulation incident. Hence to keep the gameplay healthy without any complication, several officials of the lottery organization monitor the game. There are many high-security cameras which keep strict surveillance over the game. And the lotto balls are kept in double-locked drums with automatic alarm features.

Once there Were 110 Winners In a Single Draw

If you are not aware of the history of Powerball, then let us tell you one thing. On March 30 of 2005, there were 110 winners of second prize division. This was unusual since usually, the numbers do not increase more than five in a division. The Powerball officials got confused, and they conducted an investigation. But the result of the investigation was the same as the earlier result.