Although, an air purifier sounds like a new invention, they have been in use for more than 200 years in different ways. It passed through many innovations and technical developments to present currently as a right air purifier. Initially, it was started with firemen who wear fire mask to maintain respiration in smoke. Now the air purifier is used to tackle allergies, asthma and suspended particles at our home. According to a survey report, American spend more than $200 million every year on air purifiers for their homes.

How Does It work

Air purifiers purify the air with internal fans. The fans suck the air into the purifier and then the air is passed through many series of filters. The filters remove the dirt particles, bacterias, virus, and pollen from the air and throw cleaned air outside. Continuous cycles of pulling and pushing air through filters clean the whole air of an area and keep the environment healthy. The quality of purified air depends upon the quality of internal fans and filters used in an air purifier. China air purifiers are well known for cleaning the dirty air efficiently.

Below are some reasons which will make you understand why you should keep an air purifier at home

  1. EPA (Environment Protection Agency) has claimed that indoor air is two to three times dirtier than outside air. An air purifier keeps the indoor air clean to maintain the health of a family.
  2. A room is a house for bacteria. The small airborne particle like pollen and mold spores are sources of domestic bacterias. Air passed through internal filters removes these bacteria to make the room hygienic place.
  3. A changing season brings allergies with itself which cause many health problems in kids and elders. An air purifier removes the allergens from the air and provides 99.9% cleaned air to breathe.
  4. Air purifiers manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes, hence they can fit at anyplace inside a room.
  5. Every room has dust problems and it can not be avoided but could be controlled. Dust floats in a room and the air purifier traps it before settling on surfaces.