Batteries are used in almost every electronic and electrical equipment to provide them a necessary electric charge to run. Since a decade, we were using ordinary batteries which have many drawbacks such as environmentally unfriendliness, low life span, high cost, and unreliability.

But now Custom batteries are in trend for some reasons. Now a product designer doesn’t have to alter its product design according to the size and capacity of a battery. He can directly order custom battery packs from the manufacturer which meet his product’s requirements. Scroll down to know some benefits of the custom battery.


  • As other batteries are not made to charge again, they can be used only one time. But in the case of the custom battery, it is possible to include advanced battery charging. A monitoring circuit can also be installed in the custom battery to check the left charge in it.
  • The custom battery is made to meet the electrical and mechanical requirements of the parent device. Therefore it becomes easy to give a perfect design and finish to the parent device.
  • Usually, a battery contains cells of lithium or nickel. These cells should be welded carefully to avoid any irregularity in the battery. In the custom battery case, these cells are positively welded to eliminate any failure during its life span.
  • Ordinary batteries come in round and rectangular shape but the custom battery can be designed in any shape to meet the requirements of parent device’s shape and construction.
  • A custom battery has low weight and low-cost benefits. Component which they are made of are much lighter which also aids in reducing the weight and cost of the parent device.
  • In comparison to other batteries, custom batteries contain charge in a large amount. They can be used for a long period after a single full charge.
  • One common problem which is seen earlier in all type of batteries is that they start discharging themselves when not in use. But lithium based custom batteries have a lower self-discharging rate which makes it possible to reuse after many week pauses.