An MOT test is a vehicle safety test which must be conducted annually to check a vehicle’s roadworthiness and environmental compatibility. Vehicles which are more than three years old are mandatory to go through MOT (Ministry Of Finance) test every year to fulfill the regulation of the local transport department. Vehicles who failed in MOT test or do not pass through MOT test are not liable to run on roads until the problem gets sort out.

How Much Time an MOT Test Take?

A vehicle takes 45 to 50 minutes to pass through an MOT test if it doesn’t have any major problem. If the vehicle has a major problem then the duration of MOT test depends upon problem rectification. There are some complications if a vehicle does not qualify the MOT test, which means the vehicle is not in roadworthiness condition.

A test center does not allow to let go of the vehicle if it does not pass the MOT test unless the problem gets fixed. If the vehicle’s past MOT test validity is not expired, then you can take your vehicle on the road.

What is the Cost of the MOT Test and Where to Get It?

The cost of the MOT test is different for different classes of vehicles. It is set by the official automobile agencies which also conduct the MOT test. The average cost of the test for cars is 54 pound and the average cost of the test for light vehicles is 30 pound. Class 7 Mot Tests Berkshire has less cost of MOT test than other states.

What is Checked in the MOT Test?

There are a number of components in a vehicle’s interior and exterior sections which needs to be check for roadworthiness and environmental compatibility. The parts include body, fuel and exhaust system, seat belts, tires, light, steering, brakes, etc. For the entire detail to the component, a vehicle owner can visit local transport office.

Pre-Mot Preparations 

The motive behind conducting the Mot test is checking the environmental and roadworthiness of a vehicle. Therefore to pass the MOT test, ensure your vehicle doesn’t have any minor and major problems. During the MOT test, if the vehicle is found faulty, then you have to wait for a whole day to recover it instead of waiting for 45 to 50 minutes.