This is a long debated and argued concept that Internet is more significant than human beings and can teach greater good. However, it is not true as the human-made computer and Internet for the convenience it brought to the world. Internet is important, but it cannot be more significant than human beings ever.

Though internet has become an essential part of today’s life, there are some real life skills like cycling, jumping, swimming, etc. which cannot be taught on internet. But internet can definitely provide you help like vertical jump program that can assist you master the skill.

Here are a few things that the Internet can never teach a human being-

1) Feelings and Emotions

the Internet cannot teach you the importance of feelings and emotions as these are intangible in nature. You cannot touch or read someone’s feelings; you can only feel them. The Internet is not a place where you can feel any emotions. You feel sad, happy, vulnerable, upset or just numb. There are dozens of emotions that you feel, but you don’t know it. Handling your emotions and establish a way to absorb or feel them is a very personal decision and requires a willingness to deal with it.

It is pretty much evident that something which is so personal and essential could not be taught by the Internet.

2) Values and Morals

Values and Morals in life extend the branch to develop standards and establish principles. Values and Morals set a person’s mindset on a track and make him analyse his/her actions of right and wrong. It sets you on a spiritual mindset and reflects positivity on a person’s character and attitude. A person without any values and morals often gets lost in the course of life as they don’t have anything to guide them or take reference to.

Such significant thing is either developed by oneself or is imbibed by the teachings of parents or teacher. Such a thing which is valuable cannot be taught over the Internet.

3) How to deal with life

One starts to deal with life since the first day he/she is born. There is no certain or specific way to deal with life. But there are sources like that can at least assist you in dealing the life little better.

But again, nobody knows the uncertainty or change of events that take place in anyone’s life. Nobody can even tell what kind of struggles one has to go through life. What kind of emotions and vulnerability can get through in your hand or how to handle success or how to keep your head going in a difficult situation. Nobody can tell you that, and nobody can actually teach you that. That is for you to discover and no Internet can teach you that.