PDF readers offer a lot of amazing security features. In the past 10 years, they have gone through a bunch of updates and changes and today’s tools a lot more safer than they used to be. This was a major concern due to the growing number of data hacks and breaches.

Companies were afraid of saving or exchanging their personal data as they knew anyone could break into the system and get access to it. However, things have now changed thanks to better technology.

PDF readers provide data security and many other important features that limit unauthorized access to the PDF file. Companies stay in full control of their files and there is no risk of data theft.

Even a small leak can cause businesses a huge loss. This is why security is usually one of their first concerns and PDF readers now seem to be the answer. Your only concern should be to use the right tool and you will have nothing to worry about.

While there are a lot of options available, our personal favorite is Sodapdf. It’s a high-quality PDF reader that offers soma amazing security features.

Let’s talk more about some security features offered by PDF readers:

#1 Password Protection

Password protection is an excellent way to protect your digital files from unauthorized access. Modern PDF readers provide the facility to password protect files. It grants access to the encrypted file only if the person enters the correct password.

Choose a strong password and you will have nothing to worry about. It is also important to keep changing your password from time to time to reduce the risk.

#2 Make Your PDF File Uneditable

Confidentiality of data and files is a major concern when you are on a high managerial position in a corporate environment. Content should be editable by only people who have official permission or approval. Even a small negligence in data integrity can put your position and company at risk.

PDF readers offer a reliable solution to this problem. You can limit what a user can do with a file. For example, if you want a subordinate to only view file but make no changes then you can limit the file. This way the person will be able to access but not edit the original file.

This is a great way to share information with others without worrying about the falsification of data. Here are some options you will get:

  • E-Sign/ Form Fill: This option will restrict people from filling forms and electronically signing a document.
  • Comments: This option will restrict people from adding comments to your file.
  • Delete: If you select the delete option, people will not be able to delete your file or any page of the document.
  • Insert: This option will prevent people from editing your document
  • Rotate: This feature will prevent people from rotating your page
  • Page Extracting: If you want to prevent users from extracting even a single page from your document then select this option.

Choose the right tool to enjoy all the security features.