Have you ever thought of hijab as a fashion statement? We bet you haven’t. But the reality is, right now, fashion experts are considering hijab as a fashion style. Most of us have a misconception that we cannot incorporate veil into mainstream fashion. But the fact is far away from the truth. If you are confident enough to flaunt it, nothing can be better than that. Well, we can understand that you are a bit confused about how hijabs made its way to the fashion world. Here are the reasons why.

It expresses identity

When a woman is wearing a hijab, it signifies that she is carrying a unique personality. When French and European countries were in the spree of colonization, they forced women to take out their veil. They did that because they wanted the women to adopt European style and culture. And that eventually led them to lose their unique identification. According to the facts, Middle Eastern countries considered their veils to be a representation of their national identity. Moreover, it also signifies the opposition of the west. So, hijab symbolizes individuality, and that is a big reason why the fashion world is considering hijab.

Modesty is not the same everywhere

There is a stereotype that hijab and other Islamic attires reflect humility. But the fact is something else. If you can explore the cultures of different Islamic countries like Turkey or Indonesia, your perception will change. They have a full and colorful range of fashion that will enthrall you from the core. For example, Indonesian women don’t cover their heads until they reach the age of thirty. Similarly, Turkey discourages people from wearing pious fashion clothes as they consider them to be non-secular. So, hijab is something that you can incorporate in fashion.

Islamic fashion industry

From the last few years, the Islamic fashion industry is on the rise. And for that reason, numerous big brands are coming up with the fashionable hijabs. Those are colorful as well as vibrant. Well, some of the biggest sports brands in the world are even coming up with sports hijab. By wearing those hijabs, a woman can enjoy sports comfortably. Many experts are thinking that head covering is going to be a considerable part of the fashion industry within 2019.

So, these are the reasons why hijab is getting a place in the fashion industry. As long as you can carry a cloth confidently, you are a fashionable person.