The business world has become even more competitive in the advent of the internet. It is now possible for just about any company, big or small, to enter the global marketplace and deliver their products to customers from anywhere at any time.

Finding new customers may be easier, thanks to web searches and search engine optimization, but keeping customers loyal and engaged has become a massive preoccupation for many businesses as they feel the heat of their global competitors challenging them on price and service.

Any business can increase its profitability and its overall sales by streamlining a number of its practices using online tools that will reduce the time and money they spend on generating sales and marketing their products to existing customers.

Here is a quick guide to three of the best methods you can use to increase your business’ profits, while still offering your customers the great service you have no doubt become known for.

Use Online Services to Reduce Office Overheads

There are now cloud services for things like data storage and accounting. Taking advantage of services like these can save businesses thousands of dollars a year in computer maintenance and software licenses.

The convenience of these services also offers a lot of efficiencies, like having your data available from anywhere at any time, letting you react quickly to business demands from wherever you may be.

Use Better Marketing Tools for Customer Outreach

Having an up-to-date customer database with email addresses and purchase histories of customers has become one of the most important tools a modern business can have to keep their customers engaged with the company, and making sure that your brand is at the forefront of their mind.

Many businesses use services like HubSpot and MailChimp to keep in contact with customers, and by using a service to sync both tools together, as explained in this blog from PieSync, you can market more effectively and efficiently to your customer base, without flooding their inboxes with promotional offers and content that doesn’t suit their interests. PieSync lets business synchronize their databases across multiple platforms, helping them to manage marketing, purchasing and invoicing quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.

Use Viral Marketing to Reach New Customers

Viral marketing has quickly become a favored method for businesses of all sizes to increase sales and interest at little to no cost.

Though a great viral marketing video or ‘meme’ can be a difficult thing to plan and execute, the rewards can be astounding; a viral marketing campaign can give a business millions of dollars’ worth of free advertising. Many businesses who have produced an advertisement that has gone viral have reported receiving huge interest from customers across the world, sometimes generating more business than they can handle!

The technological advances made in the last few decades are opening up new opportunities for any business to reduce overheads or increase profits through streamlining their businesses practices or inexpensively outsourcing aspects of their business, like accounting to online services that can provide a high-quality service for less expenditure.

Hopefully, this quick guide will have given you the information you need to start reducing the time and money some of your business’ demands cost you, so you can begin using the latest technological developments to increase your business’ profits.