Every year, business trends change. Hot new technology, the latest research about psychological triggers in the workplace, and even the way we communicate with one another can fundamentally change the way we work, and how offices are managed.

While this is true, many business trends have been constant for a few years now, and remain foundational, guiding principles that are shaping the trajectory of the modern workplace.

  • mCommerce,
  • Cloud Computing,
  • Influencer Marketing, and
  • Cyber Security Spending

are just a few of the business trends and priorities that have emerged recently as vitally important and show no sign of going away.

The Surge of mCommerce Continues

The process of buying and selling products using electronic means like the internet and mobile applications as opposed to the traditional method of trade is clearly here to stay.

There are different types of eCommerce like internet banking, and business to business transactions. However, the most common and ubiquitous example of eCommerce as a dominant force in the business world can be found in business to consumer transactions – especially through the use of mobile devices to make shopping purchases.

The use of mobile devices for shopping is commonly referred to as mCommerce, and it has emerged as the most popular form of e-commerce … and it’s growing steadily in 2019.

According to CPCStretegy.com, Mcommerce sales are predicted to make up 44.7% of total US eCommerce sales in 2019. That’s up from 39.6% just last year.

It’s fair to say that mCommerce is one business trend that is here to stay and that should be capitalized on by small businesses looking to remain competitive in an increasingly global marketplace. Failing to do so may cause your business to be left behind.

The Collaborative Power of Cloud Computing

Currently, cloud computing can be considered one of the most explosive business trends of 2019. This is because of the nature of the trend.

Cloud computing takes local, resource-heavy data storage and processing tasks off the plate of overburdened IT departments at small businesses, and leverages the secure global network and server farms of big brands like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and more to improve data security, availability, and reduce business costs.

Cloud computing implies sharing resources, software and information through a network. Virtual servers housed at massive secure data centers store files and data for companies and can be remotely controlled and managed through applications like Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, and more. As a personal and business cloud computing user, you can access your stored information on the cloud using any secure internet connection.

The cloud has allowed companies to save a lot of money, improve data loss prevention at their organization, and gain secure access to documents and databases from any location around the world.

The Rise of Influencer Marketing

Marketing and advertising are not new to businesses, but the power of social marketing and influencer marketing in 2019 has emerged as a trend that just keeps growing and doesn’t appear to be fading anytime soon.

With the increased popularity of social channels like Instagram, and the increased resistance to anything perceived as advertising, leveraging the trust of celebrities and influencers to market products and services is a powerful tool that businesses of all shapes and sizes are jumping on aggressively this year.

According to BigCommerce.com, 65% of influencer marketing budgets will increase in 2019, and 17% of companies spend over half of their entire marketing budget on influencers.

Cyber Security is now a Business Necessity

It seems that there’s another major data breach every time you turn around, and the hit to a business’ credibility and the trust customers have in shopping with or working with that business takes an irreparable hit when their data is exposed to hackers.

That’s why investing in cyber security for businesses which handle customer data, or manage sensitive IP of their own is a growing trend in 2019, and one that will only demand more resources as foreign and domestic hackers gain in skill, numbers, and experience.

In fact, according to CSPI.com, cyber security spending is now outpacing general IT spending this year, jumping 8.7% (a $124 billion dollar increase).

These business trends are among the few trends aren’t going anywhere in 2019, and they are here to stay!