This world is full of scammers and frauds. Mischievous people always try to cheat innocent people to earn huge profit. Sometimes corporate companies claim to provide authentic services to customers but they do not provide the same. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to find the truth about a business before investing your money for a service. Technology has developed today, making it easy for scammers to cheat people. But at the same time technology also allow us to find and escape from fake things that we encounter in daily life. Let’s find how the internet can help us find the truth about any business.

Visit Ministry of Corporate Affair’s Web Portal

Every country has a government platform where every small or big company needs to be registered to do business. All the real and authentic companies apply for registration to ministry of the corporate affair and get registration number. The companies which successfully complete the registration process are available on the ministry’s web portal. Whether you are applying for a job or wants to deal with a company, you can check on the web portal about the company’s registration. The registration is provided only to those companies which fulfill all the corporate norms. Fake companies do not get registration from the corporate ministry and run the business with a fake agenda.

Reviews and Complaints

Reviews and complaints are also the best ways to know about the truth of a business. Generally, the companies which operate with a fraud agenda get bad reviews and a number of customers complain on different customer review websites. Sometimes the companies add fake reviews and testimonials on online platforms. You should check their authenticity by examining them deeply. Visit the trusted and reputed online forums related to the business to know about how they work. UrbanOG is a footwear and clothing brand, that has recently come under the scrutiny of people complaints, which other customers can check on authentic review websites.

Visit Business Website

Every business has a website whether it is a real or fake. A fake business website looks like a real business website and it becomes hard to identify little flaws in it. If you are going to invest a large amount on a company then the website testing is the best way to know about the truth of its owner. There are many web experts and tools available that can provide you some information about websites such as their origin, owner, credibility and Google’s response.