It’s no question that blogging has changed the way that we do so many things. It’s changed the way that we do research, the way that we read the news, the way that we find new recipes to follow and even the way that we choose to entertain ourselves. Blogging is a worldwide phenomenon, and there’s no question as to why. As long as we have access to the internet, they don’t cost us anything to read, and sometimes they contain invaluable advice. But what if you were really interested in starting a blog? Well, if you are, here are some of the ways that blogging could actually change your life.

You Could Make Money

A lot of people think of blogging as some sort of glorified hobby, but did you know it’s a career path that you could actually make money out of? In the same way that blogging has revolutionised the property industry, the news industry, and so much more, it’s actually became an industry within itself. One that is flexible, creative, and enjoyable to work in – and one in which you can surprisingly make a fairly good wage too.

But it doesn’t have to be your sole income. Of course, it’s hard to make a full wage out of paid blogging, or it is at least until you reach peak levels of popularity. Basically when you start out, you have to be prepared to do it either as a hobby, or for a low level of pay. The more you do, and the more popular you get, the more likely you are to be able to make more money out of it.

If to start with, you already have a full time job but want to get into blogging, do it on the side. It could even work out as a little bit of extra income. Even if it isn’t a lot to start out with, any extra income is good income. Set the goal in mind, that you want to build up and build up, until eventually you can go part time in your 9-5 job, and do more of what you love. If you keep the goal in site, all of the extra work will seem worth it.

It Can Help You to Develop Personal Skills

Blogging as a career involves a LOT of self discipline. The beauty of working for yourself, or at the very least freelance, is that you get to decide when your working hours are, and it ultimately makes your personal life a lot more flexible. The downside to that, is when you’re your own work planner, you have to be strict with yourself, and remain extremely organised in order to get everything done.

The thing about blogging, is although it’s flexible and creative, there is a structure to it. Once you gather a regular following, and even before you should be making your blogposts as regular as you possibly can, and sticking to a schedule of when you post. Likewise, you need to think about the content. The content, should really all be in the same sort of niche, otherwise you won’t be able to aim it at a specific target audience. For instance, it could be a make-up and fashion blog, a travelling blog or just a general life advice blog. But even though your content has to be relevant, there should be something new there every week. It sounds like a lot to take in, but it really can help you develop your personal skills.

It’ll make you more creative, more quick thinking, and more adaptable. It’s likely to make you more organised than you’ve ever been before, while simultaneously giving you the freedom to enjoy your life without a strict 9-5 regime. It will also allow you to connect with people in a way you probably haven’t previously. Whatever you choose to write about, it’ll of course be important to you, and will hopefully strike a chord with others reading too. This will give you a unique writer-reader relationship, and that’s something very few get to experience.

It Gives You Freedom

Last, but certainly not least, blogging gives you freedom. The great thing about it, is as long as you have a device that connects to the internet, and an internet connection you can blog from literally anywhere in the world, at any time. This means you can travel, and take your work with you wherever you go. Even on a day to day basis, you’re free to choose when and where you work. And really, isn’t that something we all dream of?