MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games) are some of the most representative genres of videogames, this is due to the unlimited possibilities that their worlds offer. MMORPG are mainly characterized by having the ability to place the player in a huge world along with thousands of other people, and thanks to its constant updates, it is also possible to play them for an almost indefinite time because they have no end.

Currently, MMORPGs have managed to adapt completely too mobile devices, and have become one of the most successful videogame genres in all of Android. It is extremely important to mention that many of these games are totally free and have an excellent gameplay that is worth to be enjoyed. For that reason, below is a brief list with the 4 best free MMORPG videogames for Android in this half of 2019.

1- Old School RuneScape

This is the OSRS version for Android and is one of the most exciting MMORPGs. Although the game is free, you need to pay a subscription to access all of its content. The OSRS for Android has all the aspects that characterize the PC game: A lot of very original missions, a fairly well-formed economy, among many other things. The subscription player gets an extraordinary amount of maps. This game has the Cross-Platform system so it has great possibilities of connectivity with other players. Although the OSRS graphics are quite old, this game is excellent in all its aspects (taking into account that this game is still in Beta phase).

Also very important to mention the large market that has formed OSRS based on its currency (OSRS Gold) where through websites like Eldorado.GG, it is possible to buy OSRS gold in large quantities, this aspect helps to understand the magnitude of trade RuneScape.

2- Dungeon Hunter 5

This is one of Android’s most successful MMORPG franchises. It follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. This game has many outstanding qualities, such as its huge campaign mode with plenty of content, the large number of missions it offers and cooperative mode with up to 3 players quite well executed. Dungeon Hunter also has daily and weekly events that keep the game active.

3- Rukoi Online

Rukoi Online is a quite unique MMORPG for Android. This game unfolds completely with 2D graphics, but with enormous possibilities. This game has three classes of characters that can be changed at the will of the player. Rukoi Online is characterized by its totally open world and its missions that motivate to explore it. This game offers all kinds of multiplayer options, including Player vs. Player battles, and a cooperative mode. This MMORPG is one of the most original MMORPGs currently available on Android (that aspect makes it very remarkable).

4- HIT

HIT is one of the most successful MMORPGs today. This game has the common elements of all MMORPG, like the option to create an avatar and a huge world that will need to be explored along with a lot more players, and many more common aspects, but each of them is executed in a remarkable way. Hit works with Unreal Engine 4, which guarantees excellent graphics. This MMORPG has a fairly extensive skill set, simple controls, and entertaining missions. Hit’s developers have kept this game fresh with constant updates. Hit’s recommended specifications are quite accessible, so it should be playable on most devices.

These are just some of the best MMORPG for Android in this half of 2019, and as you can see, many of them have active years, but even so, have maintained their quality thanks to constant updates that have improved their gameplay. Although the games mentioned in this list are highly recommended, there are still many that deserve to be played, especially when taking into account the enormous amount of MMORPGs for Android that have been developed so far.