Did you know the exact figure of mobile and computer users in the world today? According to Global Digital 2019 Report, the internet users are rapidly growing. The average growth per day can reach no less than million. And consider that it is about the daily new users that are hooked with the most trending thing on this planet – the Internet. From communication to the system of buying goods, everything has changed. Almost everyone has access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media channels. This fact has opened a new economic backbone – digitization.

The present digital economy affects the world’s populace through the internet. The rise of UI and UX Agencies worldwide has become an unstoppable phenomenon. There has really been a surge on this aspect over the past decade.

Let’s now find out how the numbers have been showing through the years since the popularity of the Internet.

  • Today, there are already 5.11 billion unique mobile users in the whole wide world.
  • The increase this year is recorded at 9%, or there are 366 million new users for the total number of 4.39 billion online users in 2019.
  • In terms of social media, the recorded number has reached 3.48 billion users this year alone.
  • Overall, there are 3.26 billion users that use mobile devices for various social media platforms. Conservatively, the recorded number has already reached 297 million new users year after year, or an annual 10% increase.

With the numbers presented above, it is obvious that all businesses (start-ups or existing ventures) should not the importance of websites and apps for granted.

The Dramatic Rise of UI and UX Agencies

The rise of UX agencies on this planet has been unsurpassable. Why? Our first premise is that it is due to the continuing growth of digital fanatics. It is a must today for every business to have a website or application. It is through this way that they will be able to even the playing field. The competition has been digitally tight and high. If you don’t have a website, for example, your business will be left behind. Or, if you don’t have a social media account that promotes your business, those who have can have more revenues and profit than you as they’re able to reach a wider range of audience.

But look! The assumption above is not applicable to all. Based on CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey, there are still small-scale businesses that do things in a conventional way. They are also known as old-school business people. They just depend on the impact of the “word of mouth” or “actual-not-virtual referral system.” This is a surprising reality, to say the least. But, it does not negate the good impact of a user experience agency that can help propel the business to a dramatic height of progress. The same survey has accounted for 36% among the business owners who have business websites.

But does hiring UX agencies guarantee positive results to those business who don’t have business websites or apps, yet? Let’s take a look now at the functions and responsibilities of UI and UX designers, vis-à-vis the creation of information architecture that is necessary in today’s business operation.

Let’s take a look at the UI duties and responsibilities first

They are responsible in the interface design output. A UI designer is tasked to produce the interface design. The work of this person is creative. He must be taking charge of the overall style before going to the design aspect.

Moreover, the UI designer should focus the work on the preliminary prototyping, interaction, user testing, and optimal design concepts. This designer should see to it that there are interactive elements in the overall design that should be presented to the client or owner of the business being focused. The interaction aspect should be towards the entire flow of operation, tree structure, as well as the operation specification of the software to be used.

On the hand, below are the duties and responsibilities of UX designers

Understand that there are overlapping concepts being applicable to both UI and UX designers. But because a UX designer should focus on the experience of the users, a web design agency must therefore give emphasis on the analysis requirements. There should be data and information to be used for competitive products analyses and evaluations. The designer should put his or her attention to the objectives of the business, the needs of the users, and ultimately the direction of the brand to be promoted. That’s why it is so important for UX designing companies to gather related data and information. Interviewing the users is the main key and then the designer, based on the data gathered, should issue or release the overall requirements document for the project, may it be a website or an app.

On the aspect of the prototyping design, a UX designer must have vivid thoughts about the products or services. Then, this person should draw and lay down a flow chart that can be subjected to modification if the need to do so arises. The final plan of the prototype design also falls under the responsibility of the UX designer.

Usability testing is the most important aspect of the UX designer job. It is to find out how the products or services may affect the users’ lives. Their interaction is so significant as far as achieving the goals is concerned. And that goal is to see to it that the website or app project will be able to work positively for the business.

Final Thoughts…

In conclusion, hiring a UX design agency is crucial. You have to make sure that the agency has workers who are equipped with the right knowledge and skills. Their job is critical to your ultimate progress. Ramotion, one of the known UI UX design agencies, explained that you have to see to it that you can have a UI and UX team that can execute the right design process.