Making a stunning PowerPoint presentation from scratch is a time consuming process. Luckily, there is no shortage of exceptional templates out there–you just have to know where to look. Here are some sites to check out in your search for free PowerPoint templates.

Site #1:

With over 12,000 templates to choose from this ever-expanding database, PSlides offers a range of PowerPoint templates to suit practically any project. Categories make it simpler to find what you’re looking for, whether you want a map template, diagram template, text template, table template, or something else entirely.

Plus, the powerful search function makes it easy to get specific about your wants. Just enter a keyword and find templates containing a certain design element, color, theme, or other aspect that fits your presentation. While not all templates are free, those that are allow you to download an unlimited number of copies instantly just for signing up.

If you choose to opt for a paid subscription or template, you’ll even receive professional support to help make sure that every presentation you create comes out looking its best. This support can be a lifesaver when you’re working on a tight deadline and just want to get a project done without cutting corners, so it’s a major reason why so many people choose over others.

Site #2:

Although the interface can be a bit more clunky and outdated than, they still offer a large selection of free templates to suit most needs. If you spend a few minutes looking through the database, you can probably pick out a few templates that you’ll like.

Overall, the templates are more generic, making them acceptable for a wide range of projects. You simply choose the color scheme and theme you like and customize it to fit your needs. This site also offers instant download and there is no need to register.

Site #3:

Featuring a more updated interface than, has countless templates to choose from, but only some of them are free. The trouble is, sorting free from paid is impossible when searching. As in, you cannot exclude paid results from showing up. However, it does show the price (ranging from free to $15+) as you scroll through your search results.

To download, you must register even if the template is free. However, as a free member, you must attribute the templates to whenever you use them, which can take away from the professional feel you want your presentation to have. Additionally, unlike top platforms such as, does not offer any sort of support for their templates unless you pay a monthly fee.

Site #4: is a widely known creative community and they have plenty of beautiful graphics to choose from. However, they feature a lot more than simple PowerPoint presentations and that can make finding what you’re looking for a bit of a hassle.

This platform is ran by Adobe, meaning it attracts many talented creators, but searching can be tricky. You’re best off searching “powerpoint” and selecting “projects” in order to find potential templates. That would take you to this page and you’ll find that some templates are free while others are paid. Some require you to join Adobe’s Behance platform itself while others link to third-party download websites, like Envato.

Site #5: is another popular site for locating free PowerPoint templates and it has a fairly clean interface to allow you to do so. Of course, when searching, you’ll find that a lot of the templates’ download links will redirect you to a third-party website, like, where you’ll have to pay to download it.

Pricing isn’t transparently disclosed with the templates, which is why it nears the bottom of the list. The usability is simply flawed because you’ll never know if you’re looking at a free template or a paid template until you have click a few buttons to view it.

Site #6: offers a wide range of PowerPoint templates to choose from, including sports, fantasy, TV show, and movie themed templates. The site itself can be a bit finicky, but once you find what you’re looking for, it’s a mere one-click download process. With that said, some of the templates can fill a bit plain or outdated as they don’t have the most modern or complex designs. Still, the simplicity may work for many projects.

Finding the perfect template should be a time-saver, not a frustrating, seemingly never-ending search. That’s why these platforms rank the best for helping you find great templates to power your presentations. Which site do you prefer to find free PowerPoint templates?