To put it in the simple words the Cloud VPS can be described as the “VPS configured right in the cloud environment’. This helps in bringing the best of the features and benefits offered by the traditional VPS server coupled with the resources and capabilities of the cloud infrastructure.

How exactly the cloud VPS hosting works?

The cloud VPS hosting works in a similar way as the traditional VPS, but it also gets the best of cloud computing as well. Herein a person isn’t required to invest in the hardware or expand its storage, RAM or other computing capabilities in order to run an operating system or web application on the server. User can make use of cloud resources such as storage space and enhanced computing capabilities to run such operating systems or web application. You can click for cloudways promo code to get the best prices for such VPS hosting. 

What makes Cloud VPS hosting better than other alternatives?

More number of businesses has started making extensive use of the Cloud VPS hosting as it helps in getting rid of the unwanted longer downtime sessions. Hosting VPS on the host machines are known to result in longer downtime period due to consistent hardware failure. But with utilizing the Cloud VPS hosting users can move their virtual machines right on the cloud for better productivity, usability and performance. Loss of data is another major concern for the users which can be dealt with a firm hand with the use of Cloud VPS hosting.

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Features of the Cloud VPS hosting

The best thing about Cloud VPS hosting is that it is highly scalable. Depending on the user’s website or application needs the Cloud VPS hosting service can easily scale up or down the server resources for better user experience. Managing server becomes simple and easier with the Cloud VPS hosting as it allows users to access and configure Cloud VPS with few clicks. There is also a dashboard for user to check the memory usage, storage as well as the bandwidth of their Cloud VPS Hosting. Cloud backups are the norm here, which offers a sense of security to their users as their full server backups on a daily basis.

Cloud VPS hosting has grown by leaps and bounds in recent time as more and more number of individuals, and large enterprises are actively adopting it. Secondly, the pricing has also gone down in the past decade, which has helped millions to get a taste of the cheap and highly functional VPS hosting alternative.