Dubai is not only a tourist hub, but it is also a shoppers’ paradise. Shining shopping malls and shops will take you to a world of luxury items. No matter where you visit in Dubai, you will find some important stuff you might need in your life. The bright lights and stunning display would let you buy anything you like.

So what are the best things to buy in Dubai? We have prepared a list of a few things which you should definitely buy because Dubai has exceptional experience to make these things as compared to other cities.


Glittering Gold shops are a common sight in Dubai. Gold is cheaper here than anywhere else in the world. Also it makes sense to buy gold ornaments in the city. Gold in Dubai is popular for purity and certification. There are no doubts and worries that you might get cheated here. Dubai Gold Souk in Deira is the biggest gold market in the Emirates. This market is one of the largest gold markets in the world. You can bargain on gold here, no matter what quantity of gold you are purchasing. You can negotiate with the sellers for a good price.

Electronic Goods

Dubai is a duty-free port that makes all the electronic items cheaper here than other parts of the world. You can buy the latest items from popular brands at electronic stores. Things you can buy include cameras, mobile phones, home appliances, luxury gadgets, tablets, laptops, and personal healthcare products. You can find all these products in a single shop as well. Dubai is also famous for buying electronic products online. There are many trusted online stores for electronic goods in Dubai. Dubai New Year Packages allow you to get discounts on these online stores for electronic products.

Arabian Scents

Oud and Bakhoor are rich scents popular in this region. Theses scents are in the most popular traditional fragrances in the Arab regions. People from Dubai landing to the airports can easily be recognized by the fragrances of these traditional Arabian scents. Local perfumers sell these scents in shopping malls across the city at reasonable prices. And they are given name, Fragrance of Dubai.