WiFi is a very vulnerable point for hackers to get into your network without setting foot inside your door because wireless network is much more susceptible to hack than the wired networks. That means you have to be more conscious about security. Wifi users think that after setting a powerful password all worries about network security ends. But it is not really true. Investing time to learn about enhanced security measures about wifi networks is a better way to protect your network. Here are three ways to secure your Wifi networks.

Use the Service Set Identifier (SSID)

Service Set Identifier is the common term in the basic wifi network setting. It can compromise security if it is not used in a proper way. Using a very common setting of the SSID such as Wireless or vendor’s default name can make hackers easier to crack the personal mode of WPA or WPA2 security because the encryption algorithm combines the SSID and password cracking dictionaries used by hackers. Using one of them makes hacker’s job easy. It is essential to name your network wisely, it may be something generic but not too common and without revealing the location.

Use WiFi Filter Software

WiFi filter software is developed after working on a series of mechanisms that control access to the Internet. Most of the users desire to prevent network users to visit such websites that contain malware, hence WiFi filtering block access to such malware storing websites. By controlling the internet access of your wifi, you are controlling your devices to connect with online threats. This is the best way to secure wifi network and a large number of businesses are using this software to increase their productivity.

Filter MAC Addresses

Whether you are using a laptop or wifi enabled mobile phone, all your wireless devices have a unique MAC address. Just like every computer connected to the internet has an individual IP address. For a better security purpose, you can add a layer of protection by adding the MAC addresses of all your devices connected to your wireless router’s setting. It will allow only specified devices to connect to your wifi network. MAC addresses are hardcoded into the network equipment and one address only lets one device to connect with the network.