When you do professional presentations for a digital product, you need two things: a professional prototype and professional equipment. Here is the solution: Mac mockup.

There is a reason why Macs are so much more expensive than personal computers. The Mac is just a different breed. Since it is part of the Apple family, it works seamlessly with other Apple products like the iPhone, iPad and iWatch. So if you are in the market for a new computer—whether you are eyeing a laptop or a desktop—go for the Mac: iMac desktop or MacBook (Air or Pro). One of the many advantages of Apple products is that it manufactures its own hardware and software. The advantage of that is an operating system tailor-made for the optimal use of an Apple device.

When you are planning on showcasing your web designs to prospective clients, the screen of the MacBook is the perfect tool to present display and functionality. For one, the look and feel of a Mac is really high-end, which adds to the professionalism of it all. But more than that, the high resolution innate in every Apple product is the benchmark of sophistication that will become an advantage in a professional presentation.

But of course, having the best technology is not enough to seduce clients. Here are some devices mockup that will help you land the biggest deal of your professional career:

1. Mac Mockup from Ramotion

Digital product design agency Ramotion has four iMac mockups and four MacBook mockups in clay that could give a professional black and white presentation. The advantage of having a black and white design is that it showcases a minimalist character. This is great for specific things, particularly when your product wants to denote a classic look. This kind of mockup template will also work well when your branding focuses on a very stylistic font and you want that to be the highlight of the website design.

On another note, because these designs have the clay effect, your design can be easily highlighted. You can easily drag your own designs to the screen because of the use of smart layers in the facility.

2. Set of MacBook Pro, iPhone XS and iWatch PSD Mockup

This is the best demonstration of how well the Apple products work with each other. Outside of mockups, it is worth noting how seamless working with Apple products is in the practical world. Here is a concrete example: You found a picturesque scene that would work well with the design idea you have in your mind. So you take a photo of it in your iPhone. Later on, while you are creating your MacBook Pro mockup, you simply have to recover that photo you took from your iPhone in your MacBook’s photo gallery. There is no need to email it or do a Bluetooth transfer. It is just so practical.

There are a number of free MacBook mockups that will work well as a set that would include rendering on a small screen (Apple watch) to a large screen (MacBook) and the in between (iPhone). This will particularly show off the versatility of design projects.

3. MacBro Pro PSD Mockup with Home Office Desk

If you are designing a digital asset that will help home-based professionals, this will be the perfect mockup. The physical setup includes a minimalist desk, a lamp and a curtained window, which is a typical look of a home.

The PSD mockup can be downloaded and you only need to customize the screen of the MacBook Pro with your web design.

4. MacBook Plus Touch Bar View Mockup

There are designs that are so complex and meticulous that you just have to showcase its top view. In that case, this is the perfect mockup for that design. Basically, the mockup shows the MacBook flipped open and the design is seen from a bird’s eye view. The high resolution of the MacBook screen will perfectly capture the stylistic design that is a product of your creativity.

5. Flexible MacBook Mockups

Digital designer Envato Elements provides these flexible designs perfect for a MacBook Air mockup. The result is detailed and clean, mostly for designs that provide outlines for a website or mobile application. The PSD mockups are in vector and are fully layered. The PSD files are crafted with well-toned layers, which means that you can easily customize colors, shadows and everything else you want for your mockup.

Actually these flexible mockups work well with any Mac: from the iMac to the MacBook. So whatever your preference is, the design will continue to flourish. It will not be referred to as flexible if it wasn’t the case.

6. Outdoor MacBook Mockup

How many times have you been at the park and notice people tinkering their MacBooks instead of just enjoying the fresh air? That’s because the outdoors have presented a new kind of appeal among working professionals. So of course the outdoor Macbook mockup is going to come in handy. The mockup features a beautiful backdrop of the outdoors featuring cobblestones, grass and plants. It also shows a small part of a person with a laptop on his lap (where else?) with both his hands busy with the gadget.

This type of mockup also comes with 11 PSDs to show off the different angles of a MacBook Pro.

7. Free White Devices Mockups

Courtesy of Dribble, which provides an avenue for designers to “show and tell” their work, the White Devices mockup is a flat design that is available in black and white. There is also a flexibility in this type of mockup as it can be perfectly demonstrated through the different sizes of the Apple products: from the iPhone to the iPad and the iMac. It also comes in PSD and sketch formats, which make it really convenient for designers.

8. Responsive MacBook Mockup PSD Hero Scene

This perfectly draws the chaotic work life of a career-focused person. The desk clutter of the physical layout will see to that. The physical layout includes different items strategically strewn over the desk: a pair of scissors, pen, adhesive tape and even a pair of eyeglasses. There is also an unopened package, an envelope, an invitation card. The MacBook is shown from the top with a pair of hands visibly typing on the laptop. This suggests an active and creative environment, as most workplaces are, which means that this would be the mockup to exhibit a web design for an office.

There is a real professional undertone in a Mac Mockup. It is not just the elegance of a Mac, it is also the tone of the mockup when shown through a Mac. Of course, you have to be wise that your mockup will fit with the design that you want to present to your clients.