Every time when we see artists designing something colorful at a board, we get excited to know more about their unique work and accessaries they use. For a good piece of art, an easel plays an important part in any artist’s gear. The easel has been used around for centuries and they have hardly changed. Let’s know more about easels and how they can enhance the work of the artists.

What is an Easel?

Easel is the part of instrument that artists use to hold the canvas in a perfect position. They use it for painting or to display a work of art. The simplest form of an easel is tripod stand with three upright posts joined at the top end. There are many forms and sizes of easel stand available in the market such as A-frame, H-frame, tabletop, and Plein air. Easels are very necessary to make the painting work easy and comfortable. There are many situations apart from painting where you can use easels.

To Display a Message

Wooden display easels are used to convey a message to the public. Generally, shopping places, event organizers, and companies write a common message to convey their views to the public. Shopping places write their new offers, arrivals and product launch on easels to seek public attention. Event organizers can write some basic details about the running event at a venue to let people know more about the event. People are now also using easels as a school board for learning purposes.

In Photography

Whether you are drawing images with your hand or with a high-quality camera, you need an easel in your studio to observe your work on images. The easel makes your work vertical and allows you to do some changes in the work. It also helps to let your paintings or images to dry in the open air.

Easels are Portable

People are preferring portable easel more as compare to tradition long post easels. The portable easels are good to paint in an open air environment. They can be easily folded due to their lightweight frame. Manufacturers are now attaching a box to carry brushes, paints, and pencils. Some designers are also making them with a chair to help artist to paint when sitting down.