Gambling is a lot like marmite… you either love it or you hate it.

Finding yourself in a crowd of gambling lovers can be great  – there are talks of the best casinos, recent big wins, the top games and even where to find the best bonuses online.

There is a whole range of topics to discuss when gambling fans come together.

However, meet with people who are online casino skeptics and suddenly the room can get a little frosty. After all, it’s difficult to get through to those who have never gambled before because they don’t understand the rush you so often feel.

Sometimes, things can even get a little hostile. Yes, we’ve been there, experienced that. To help, here is a handy list of things to say to those who mock you for gambling online.

It brings money into the local area

We’re sure that the majority of people who laugh at you for gambling wouldn’t do so if they knew how much money it injects into the local economy.

Whether you’re a high-flying big spender or just visit the casino for a bit of fun, supporting online casinos also supports communities.

For example, online gambling was legalized in Pennsylvania earlier this year. Its online slots are taxed at 54%, online table games are taxed at 16% and sports betting, 36%.

Casino operators even had to pay $10 million to the state to simply buy an online license – the majority of which will be injected into the state’s economy.

It’s just a fun hobby

The person joking about your hobby may spend $100 on a sporting ticket; you’ll spend that money playing in an online casino.

Both of you are spending the same sum of money, which will last you both around the same amount of time, so why should one hobby be encouraged and the other thrown to the floor?

According to Adrian Sireca from Online Casino Gems, there is no shame in partaking in gambling. “As long as you are gambling responsibly, there is absolutely no harm in doing so in your spare time; it’s just a different way to spend money. If you enjoy gambling online, have fun, and feel satiated afterward, then you’re feeling the exact same feelings as any sports lover, foody, or film fanatic.”

All you need to do is make sure you’re never gambling more than you can afford, and can still live comfortably even when you’ve lost the top end of your budget.

It’s safer than you might think

In all honesty, there are so many far worse ways you could spend your spare time than sitting in a controlled and safe environment playing roulette.

And online casinos are deemed to be just as safe, if not safer, than land resorts.

All large, professional casinos are considered safe places to gamble – after all, they are staffed with security guards, the gambling floor is monitored, security watches the parking lots and watches over customers as much as possible.

Actually, you could even argue that casinos are safer than a number of public locations.

Even gambling online comes with a variety of security checklists to make sure players are as safe as possible.

And it isn’t just about protecting customers from crime, either, it’s about protecting them from themselves.

Gambling addictions aren’t fun, and so staff members are specially trained to look out for those who may be pushing themselves or visiting very frequently.

Door staff also take the self-exclusion list very seriously, so if at any point you were to develop a gambling addiction, you could very easily add yourself to the list of your local casino and be refused entry.

These large scale casinos are the same companies that run online and the same rules apply. Every website has to comply with regulations exactly like land-based resorts, and no one under age is allowed to play.

Payments are also made super securely, players can choose to remain anonymous to others online, and it’s even possible to set an online gambling budget.

Plus, playing online means you’re never going to get caught up in any of the crime that takes place in land-based resorts.

It’s possible to win serious money

Of course, most cynics of gambling only pay attention to the losses, but you do actually have the potential to win really big!

The whole point of gambling is the hope of winning some cash, and online casinos pay out more than some may assume.

This British Colombia woman won $1 million playing slots recently.

Those who have mastered the art may find themselves winning on a weekly basis and could go professional, however more casual gamblers may find themselves getting lucky every now and again.

What end of the scale you’re on doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re having fun. Despite the myths, casinos can’t kick you out for winning too much, and they won’t stop you playing online, either.

There’s so much variety

While the average sports lover may choose one to follow only football and stick with it forever, there is a whole range of online gambling variations for gaming fans to try out.

Whether you fancy trying your hand at slots, baccarat, blackjack, or even scratch tickets or the lottery – it’s all there for you. 

While you may want to familiarize yourself with the big games before jumping in (here are 9 ways you can deceive players at Poker) there is plenty to keep you going in the meantime.

We particularly love slot games because there is such a variety out there, whether you want a zoo-theme or a screen plastered with beach bodies. 

The main point is that you will simply never get bored as a gambler – there’s way too much fun out there to be having! 

You may want to even ask those who mock your hobby whether they watch sports… because online sports betting is now a thing (and they’ll probably love it).