IT companies’ employees need to spend almost 60 percent of their waking time at work. It is more important to make your employees productive, creative and social. The design of your office showcases what employees feel and think. The mood of the employees is affected in a different setting. Hence your office structure should look cool and employee worthy. The office decoration feels fulfilled at work and also help you in the hiring process. In this post, we have shared three simple ways to increase satisfaction and productivity by decorating the office.

Work On Color, Lighting, and Shape

Different colors bring different approach for a job and they affect how we perform. According to office decorators, blue and green colors help us to enhance our creativity while red color in the office helps us to put more attention on a specific work. Lighting is also an essential factor in increasing productivity. Dimmer lights in the office bring freedom to work and result in creativity. Brighter lighting in the office helps to sharpen analytical thinking. Your office should also contain a circular space as an inviting space and to trigger brain activities regarding complex jobs.

Consider Rubber Flooring

If your office floor has huge foot traffic, then Rubber Flooring is the ideal solution for you. Stone flooring can produce foot sound and this sound can disturb and distract employees working on the complex jobs. Rubber flooring should be used in the offices because no flooring can reduce the sound of the foot at a high level as compared to the rubber flooring. If you are environment-friendly, then you should know that rubber flooring is made of such materials which are easily recyclable. The rubber flooring can easily be cleaned during non-operational hours.

Invest in Air Fresheners

When you design or redesign your office, you think of bringing everything which may suit the office. But you should not ignore how your office smells because it can make your office a nicer place to live or stay. To keep your office fresh, bring some quality air fresheners and open up the windows to let the fresh air come inside. It has been found that 54% of employees make few errors when they smell lemon and 33% make fewer mistakes when they smell jasmine. And the natural air makes the chances of errors rare.