If you consider online games for money to be unworthy entertainment for a modern person, you are definitely mistaken. The times when slot machines and casinos were associated with a breaking bad behaviour have long passed. And online games are a vivid confirmation of this. If you are afraid of roulette and run from the “one-armed bandits”, as from fire, we will give you simple advice: what about bingo?

Even the harshest heads of state do not consider this game to be among the gambling ones, and you can tickle your nerves with its help not bad.

Let’s start by looking at the rules of such a popular game like bingo. We are talking about the option of 90 balls. In America, bingo is often played in churches. Yet, the church made bingo both an option for spending time together with the flock and a way to replenish the church piggy bank. The rules of the game are as follows.

The party in bingo goes on until one of the party-members fill-in all the card points. The player who first did this is declared the winner. In bingo, a game often consists of three stages – the first winner announces “bingo!”, Collecting all five numbers on one line. The second is on any two lines and the main winner is the one who filled out the entire card. The prize pool in bingo can be fixed (but this is more often the case offline) or make up a certain percentage of the money collected. The distribution of the prize usually amounts to 15% for one line, 30% for two and 55% for the entire card, but there may be other options. Naturally, one player can win one, two or all three parts of the prize if he is lucky. If several people have collected the required combination at the same time, then the prize money is divided equally between them

75-ball bingo is popular in America, but inferior in popularity to a 90-ball game in Europe. In general, the principle of the game is still the same. At the beginning of the game, participants buy cards. True, the cards look different: these are 5×5 squares. In each square there are 25 cells – the central one is free (it is considered already closed), the remaining 24 are filled with numbers from 1 to 75. There is a rule in filling out the card. Usually, the word BINGO is indicated as the heading of the card, where B corresponds to the first column, I to the second, etc. In the first column, numbers from 1 to 15 are randomly scattered, in the second – from 16 to 30, etc. That is, the entire range from 1 to 75 is divided into 5 equal parts and each part corresponds to one letter of the word BINGO. By the way, the corresponding letters are usually written on the balls, so instead of just the number 47, you will see on the ball G47. And then everything is exactly the same as in the European classics.

But if everything is clear with the rules, then you will definitely have a question: why are online bingo game rooms so attractive if the rules are the same? The answer is simple: the original number of the games, the new “chips” that guarantee you bonuses or winnings not in a classical way, and even the design of the game can be very different: there are purely girlish options, there are games for fans of soccer, moviegoers, music lovers.

Every year new bingo sites online appear, and they constantly amaze even the most experienced gamers. Want to make sure of this? Then, without hesitation, go to the online gambling room, choose the bingo that you like at first sight, and try to play it yourself. We put 100 to 1, which you will like, and this game will become, if not an obsession, then a pleasant hobby, as the creators of bingo have conceived it.