Google’s new voice search is powered by Google’s A.I push in the form of Google Assistant. Because of this, search has become smarter than ever before. Below, we will be going over what kind of impact you can expect this to have on the way we use Google.

What Is Google Voice Search?

Google voice search is using your voice to search for things using Google’s search engine. While it used to be called Voice Search, it is now being called Google Assistant and it is being powered by Google’s A.I technology. The main difference is the fact that the A.I technology is much more advanced and smarter than ever before. Because the A.I technology is much more capable, you can get answers directly told to you from the search engines without even having to click on respective websites that get brought up. This is not only changing the way people use Google, but it is changing the way websites can generate organic traffic from search engines and the way SEO Companies like Brand That Name, do search engine optimization.

How Google Assistant Changes The Way We Use Search:

  1. Getting Answers.

For one, it makes getting answers to questions much easier than ever before. Instead of searching for something and being presented with a query, you are presented with the exact answer you are looking for without having to click anything further. While Google isn’t going to be able to provide a direct answer to every question that is asked, it does impact organic search results in a way that really changes how sites generate traffic. The fact is, voice search is going to make it much easier than ever before for users to get the answers they want and the answers they are looking for. Whereas, it is going to hurt those that typically relied on organic traffic to get traffic through these respective queries.

  1. More Consumers Using It.

Because voice search has become much more useful, more users are using it than ever before. Such a large percentage of searches are coming from the voice that it is changing the way people interact with their favorite search engine. Voice search used to be something that was just there and provided users with a different input method. Since Google transitioned from voice search to Google Assistant, it has become much more than that. Now, voice search is much smarter than ever before and it makes searching for and finding things on Google easier than ever. Users can find exactly what they want by asking Google a simple question. Whereas, they would previously be presented with a list of websites, that they would have to dig through to find the answer.

  1. More Accurate Results.

Voice search has integrated A.I. Because of this, you are generally going to get much more accurate results with this type of search. This alone is going to push more people to use it as their default method of searching for things on Google. Google is continually pushing it’s users to its A.I technology which means that you need to start paying attention to how the use of A.I is changing the way websites generate organic traffic and how they rank.

  1. Auto.

Another big thing that is changing the way we use Google would be the introduction of Android Auto. Because Google and other companies are spending so much money in this sector, it is only going to increase familiarity with voice search and how effective it is. This is going to continue to lead to more people using voice search and Google assistant. After all, you can’t complete traditional searches while you are driving. Whereas, you can ask Google Assistant things while you are driving which makes it a much more viable alternative.

  1. Home Assistants.

Another major thing that is expected to drive the adoption of the usage of voice assistants would be home assistants, like Google Home and Google Hub. More and more consumers than ever before have these devices sitting around in their home. Therefore, the usage of these assistants is getting people much more familiar with using voice search and getting results from this type of search. Home assistants are really driving the usage of voice search way up and it is going to continue to lead to more people using it as their preferred option. There are even third-party manufacturers making speakers with these voice assistants in them.

  1. Speed.

Another major thing that is going to change the way we use our mobile devices and how we use voice search over the traditional way would be due to the speed of the results. The fact is, Google Assistant is going to eventually come to your devices without the need for maintaining an Internet connection. Speed is everything when it comes to convenience and having dedicated assistant buttons on phones or removing the need for using a wake word is really the transition that is going to make voice the most dominant method used for search.

  1. Seamless.

Another thing that is expected to really drive this type of growth for the usage of voice assistant would be the seamless experience it provides. Once voice search becomes a near seamless experience, it is really going to make people want to use voice search via Google Assistant over typing their queries in. After all, it is going to be much faster and it is going to provide much better and more accurate results. Therefore, voice search will easily become the most dominant form of search and it might kill off traditional search completely once it achieves a seamless experience and interface.

Overall, there are so many different reasons why Google Assistant is changing the way we interact with search engines. With voice search becoming more intelligent and much more useful than ever before, you can expect an increasing number of people begin to use voice search with Google Assistant in favour of traditional search. Not only does it make finding the right answers easier, but it can save a lot of time.