Are you looking for a job? Are you going for an interview? If yes, then there is a chance you are asked to write an essay. Many companies follow this trend while some do not. What do you think is it fair to ask for an essay while hiring or not?

If you ask from us then we will say it is a good technique to check the credibility of the candidates. Following are the reason that indicates that it is a good choice to have an essay writing test.

Evaluation process

Asking for essay writing helps to evaluate the personality and credibility of the candidate. The essay does not depend on the random topic but consists of a set of questions related to the professional life, future goals and telling these details face to face require excellent communication skills. However, through essay writing candidate can take time and give more details for better evaluation.

Companies ask questions like why you need this job, your future goals, where you see yourself in the future or any long-term planning. These make the candidate to stick to a dedicated area while writing. Companies can ask candidates for an essay during the interview or even they can make it mandatory to fill up their details while applying for a job online.

It Makes Easier to Judge

Not all jobs require too much interaction with clients or other colleagues. Most of the jobs are sitting jobs and there are few jobs like marketing, sales, support executive and meeting with the clients which require interaction with different people. These types of jobs ask for good communication skills both verbal and nonverbal. But people who come for interview may get confused during their speech part. Therefore, it is a good decision not to judge them by verbal communication. Essay writing enables the candidate to represent their thoughts, views, and personality in detail.

In the interview, people often act fake and tell the wrong information for the job by trying to put a good impression.

Therefore, for avoiding fakeness it is better to give the chance to the candidates to tell about themselves with confidence rather than being confused and manipulating the information.

Cons of the Essay Writing

There are pros of essay writing while hiring the employees but there are some cons as well. First, they can take help from family members or friends or they can simply hire an essay typer to provide them an excellent essay. Second, they can write wrong information or thoughts at home as there is no one present to judge them or keep an eye on them. Therefore, essay writing at home can lead to fakeness and cheating to impress employers to acquire the job.

To avoid these cons employers can use the following tips to check the credibility of the candidates.

  1. Ask For Evidence

If the candidate is writing an essay in the office then it is easy to keep an eye on him. Also, there is no chance for him to get help from someone else. However, if the candidate is writing an essay from home then employers can ask for evidence for the things they are writing. For instance, you can ask to attach a photo of the project about which candidate is writing in his essay. Even if there is a general question like hobbies, he can attach his picture to show that he actually does things that are written in the essay.

  1. Go for Double Check

It is good to have an essay as candidates get able to answer your questions in detail. This is also good for employers because they can double-check candidates by asking a few questions during a short interview to understand whether the candidate wrote it or not. If the candidates have provided the right details and wrote the essay himself, he will repeat the same answers with confidence.

  1. Give a time limit

Employers can simply set a deadline for the essay writing in which candidates have to fill the required details. It can reduce the chance of taking help from others. In addition, plagiarism checker can be used to know whether the candidates have written an essay on his own or just copied it from the online sources.