Not everyone started using hijab from their early days. Women majorly start wearing it at a more mature age. Some of them start young too. As young as 7 years old. And then hijabs become a part of you. But it is difficult for someone who starts in later stage as their thoughts, emotions and uncertainty takes over their minds to wear hijab or not.

Hijab is not an accessory and definitely not a burden

Let’s get it straight there is no mid path here. You either commit to it or you don’t wear a hijab. It is not an accessory you can chose to wear or not depending on the day or your mood. If you can’t commit to it, don’t wear it. Don’t make it a burden it is not. It is like wearing clothes and shoes.

If you don’t like wearing them one day or if you are too bored of your wardrobe will you stop wearing clothes?

Same practicality goes for the hijab. It is not an emotional decision based on moods. Keep this in mind and find styles and accessories to highlight your hijab. Make it more wearable, fashionable according to your taste.

Get inspired

Be free to get inspiration from latest trends to make your hijab. Muslim fashion has come a long way. Use the various options now available in the market. There is so much to choose from. Many popular brands are now getting inclusive of Muslim fashion and coming up with their own line specifically for us. Get choosing!

Find people online

There are various online portal, bloggers, instgrammers, youtubers and people on various social media platforms sharing various ways to style and decoding fashion for hijabers. Follow them, learn and try it for yourself. It is easy, affordable and you can make it comfortable according to your needs. If your style is chic and feminine then play with bows, tiaras, flowers et al in your hijab.

All Hijabers are different in how they wear their hijabs. Find your way to wear and flaunt it. Wear your hijab with pride and not as an accessory!