Trinkets and pendants are no more mere objects of attraction. Today the art of generating symbolism has touched the very core of accessorizing the human body. Buddha pendants are carefully and perfectly carved to transmit the eternal message of enlightenment and contentment. You get to adapt the sacrosanct of the Buddha through the craft and flaunt tranquility as your jewelry theme.

The imagery follows ideas that are generated with introspection and general awakening in mind. There are a number of online and offline resources that allow you to take the Buddhist symbols and especially the images of the Buddha to a whole new level – pendants that also transform into trinkets and charms!

Investing in pendants of timeless appeal

Grand Buddha pendants can be bought in just about any size or shape or material. They are now being designed, just like before, by artisans who are obsessed with the symbolism behind Buddha forms and images.

In fact it is not worn to say that the pendants are now being flaunted as signposts indicative of the infinite and eternal aspiration for self awareness. Bringing home the teachings and meditative aura of the Buddha through the pendants on your person is believed to impart within your persona the wisdom of the ancient world.

Buddha pendants are also looked upon as purifying, spiritual, radiant and rife with the ability to enable the wearer to rise beyond the illusion of materialism. The pendants are designed to serve more than one form of adornment. Beyond being flaunted as pendants around the neck on chains and string, the pendants turn into trinkets on charm bracelets, finger rings and even ear rings.

They are designed to represent everything that the Buddha stood for – austerity, tranquility and peace.

Gold Buddha pendants

You can buy the gold Buddha pendants right from the comfort of your couch. Buddha pendants are studded with different colored gems, set in precious metals and materials such as gold, silver, platinum, jade and quartz – the best, I’ve ever seen is the golden version of it.

Have you seen how beautiful the gold Buddha pendant looks? Well I have one, and I can tell you how adorable it is – I hardly let it out of my sight.

The newest and modern gold Buddha pendants have gone beyond being mere symbols of transformation, awakening, dedication and/or devotional practice. They are being flaunted by the youth as signs of timeless knowledge, universal virtue, eternal wisdom and pure bliss. They even make the list of the best gifts you can buy for loved ones today!

Beyond any iota of doubt, gold Buddha pendants are observed to radiantly adorn the necks of both men and women today. You can shop for the gold pendants of the Buddha quite easily these days (I’m coming to that)

Also part of the ‘True Nature’ and ‘Divinity’ collections, these pendants work like talismans. Symbolizing the expression of non-violence, the jewelry is accessible for all those who love adornment and realization within the same paradigms.

The pendants are also gifted extensively as a gesture of blessing.

Buying a 14k gold buddha pendant

Just like I said earlier, getting your own Buddha pendant is as easy as A-B-C. I bought my beautifully looking, 24 karat pure gold Buddha pendant without moving an inch from my couch (Don’t be amazed, it’s possible – all thanks to the internet), and at a cheap amount too!

You can simply place an order for your own gold Buddha pendant by buying from Nano Jewelry. They are like the best out there, plus your pendant gets shipped directly to you.