Changing names is common in India and more than any other parts of the world, it starts with adding initials and just one letter. There are many reasons Indians change their names such as for marriage and divorce. It is more common among women because sometimes they have to change their first and last names after marriage. It seems very lengthy because forms are needed to be filled and a newspaper advertisement is also required. 

Read below-mentioned steps to ensure that it is a simple process for you for changing your name.

Affidavit Submission

Prior to 2016 candidates having changed their names were supposed to make a deed poll affidavit also called as Annexure E and submit it at the passport office. However the passport seva kendra has made the process simpler by discontinuing the process of annexure E submission. As of 2016 any 2 documents with correct names can be submitted at the passport office and a name change notification needs to be placed in 2 newspapers.

Newspaper Advertisement

Once you have the photo ID Proof, the further step is to publish an advertisement or notification in the local newspaper about the change of name. To publish the advertisement you need to select two newspapers. One is required to publish the advertisement in the official language of the state while the second needs to be published in English. 

For example, if you live in North India, you can choose Dainik Bhaskar and Times of India. The advertisement must also state your new name, your old name, date of birth and address. The newspapers in India provide a notification column in the paper to assist you in the name change advertisement. It is better to keep two hard and scanned copies of the newspaper advertisement.

Gazette Notification

You need to publish your name change in the Official Gazette of your state. To do this, visit your local Government Press or the department that publishes Gazette notifications. Get two copies of Deed Changing Surname Form, and fill it carefully as per provided instructions. You need to provide the following documents, Deed Changing Surname Form, two true copies of the newspaper advertisement, an attested copy of the affidavit, a statement about you need to publish Gazette notification and a copy of any of your identity cards. 

The amount charged for the notification varies from Rs. 700 to Rs. 900. Once the notification gets published in the Gazette, you can enjoy your life with a new name.