Technology has been playing a significant role in the transformation of different sectors throughout the world. In the lottery industry too, it has made a huge impact over the last decade as due to the advancement in technology, it has become possible for people to enjoy their lottery games with more excitement. Various new technologies have been introduced in the gaming sector and these are contributing to making the game playing all the more interactive. As per the experts, technology is the major factor behind the growth of the online gambling industry and it is expected to reach $60 billion by the year 2020. Here are the following technology trends in the lottery industry that have impacted it and contributed to its growth on a large scale:


Blockchain has been emerging as an effective platform responsible for the high-security systems to make payments using cryptocurrencies. It is a perfect solution for dealing with problems namely security and lack of transparency in the lottery system. With the help of storing and managing data in a transparent blockchain environment, it is possible for lottery operators to create a reliable way to verify users online. The lottery systems are making use of a decentralized environment in order to process data of users on a daily basis.

Big Data

Many lottery operators have been utilizing big data in order to make shifts in the lottery industry at a global level. It is important to handle international data for every lottery operator to ensure the right functioning of any lottery system. The online sourceĀ pengeluaran sgp has been utilizing big data in order to have a deep insight into the data of a lottery system at a state as well as an international level. With the help of Big Data, many lottery operators have been able to compare lottery sales performance across various facets to analyze the performance of various chains in a lottery system.

Artificial Intelligence

A lot of lottery companies who need to handle the data related to various operations on a large scale require AI to acquire a high volume of information to create a better experience for players. It is also being used to detect any compulsive activity in a player to put a check on the gambling addiction in an easier manner.

Virtual Reality

Online VR casinos have also been increasing on a large scale across the world for providing people with excellent experience in playing different gambling games.