You might have come across a term “niche edits” and that would have led you to think what it it. Niche edit is not a new term, as it has been practiced since a very long time but the name “niche edits” was used just a year or two ago.

What are Niche Edits?

Basically when you place a link in an existing article on a website in your niche, instead of writing a guest post it is called Niche edit.

Niche edits are contextual to increase topical relevance, and are determined by–

  • How an article is relevant to your site?
  • Is it placed on a page with a lot of authority?

Why prefer Niche edits to guest posts? 

Niche edits can add more link juice to your site as compared to guest posting. They are very similar to guest posts but you don’t have to write a new article. They also tend to be a bit cheaper than guest posts. Apparently website owners can add a link than accept a post (If done right)!

Techniques to carry out niche edits

One technique is a white hat approach. An example can be a manual outreach to a blog that you feel is relevant and actually offer value to a blogger on his post, which is white hat.

The second one is a grey hat approach when you add a link to any site from an article and pay the person for it,it can be referred to as grey hat.

Black hat is if you’re using dodgy link networks to insert niche edits into hacked websites.

Niche edits are quite popular these days as they’re much safer to use for people who are new to SEOs than using PBNs. They’re permanent placements not rentals. They are a very powerful tool with very little risk involved.

Now comes the best thing, they don’t involve writing guest posts.There are a lot of link providers who offer Niche Edits.