Africa has been witnessing a big shift due to the introduction of solar sources to provide electricity to its various countries. A number of solar companies are coming forward to ensure the supply of electricity in the African nations in the form of solar energy. After the passing of theĀ Electrify Africa Act by the US Congress in 2016, many solar companies have shown remarkable growth in Africa. In this post, we have mentioned the list of the 10 fastest-growing solar companies in Africa which are implementing their strategies to ensure access to electricity for the African people.

Off-Grid Electric

The Tanzania-based electricity company, Off-Grid Electric, has been providing electricity to African people at an affordable rate by just charging $6 per unit for electricity. It provides its home solar kit which includes solar panels, LED lights, a meter, and a USB charger for cell phones. The solar company claims that its electricity supply is cheaper than kerosene, batteries, and phone-charging services.

M-Kopa Solar

Kenya’s M-Kopa was started in 2011 and it has gained popularity in Africa at an excellent rate. It introduced the pay-as-you-go solar revolution in Africa with the help of mobile phone penetration in the continent. The cost of M-Kopa’s power system is around $200 and it’s kit includes a solar panel, two LED bulbs, an LED flashlight, a rechargeable radio, and adaptors for charging a phone.

Atlanta Waste & Power Systems

Atlanta Waste & Power Systems is another company that has been growing at an excellent rate in Africa. The company was started by the Nigerian entrepreneur, Chris Onwuasoanya in order to provide the Nigerian people with a sufficient supply of electricity to live their life comfortably. Atlanta Waste & power Systems installs and maintains solar power systems for clients including middle and upper households, and businesses in Nigeria and West Africa.


Powerhive is a private solar company that generates and supply electricity to the Kenyan public. California based Powerhive is a solar micro-grid company that supplies electricity to people by accepting payments using mobile money or scratch cards. It sells its smart meter hardware and licenses its software to third parties in order to make money. It also earns money by accepting payments from end-user electricity payments.

Helvetic Solar

Helvetic Solar has contributed to providing solar energy in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi with the installment of over 6,000 small rooftop solar systems. It maintains solar systems across the East Africa region by providing solar products such as solar panels, water heaters, battery banks, and back-up units.


ARED provides electricity to African people with the help of mobile solar kiosks in various regions of Africa. It is providing a one-stop affordable charging station for mobile phone users to offer mobile money transfer services, mobile phone sales, and call credit recharge.


Mobisol is a Berlin-based company that provides a range of solar home systems at an affordable rate through mobile phones. The solar home systems provide sufficient electricity for LED lights, radios, mobile phones, and other household appliances.


WiSolar was founded by Tonye Irims in 2016 and it is working on the prototype for prepaid solar electricity in Nigeria and South Africa. It has established service centers for firmware upgrades, repair, maintenance, and replacement of smart hybrid solar inverters. It is planning to launch its solar academy in South Africa for solar engineers in 2020. WiSolar is integrating hybrid solar electricity into residential properties to enable clients to purchase homes with their own baked-in electricity.

Quaint Global

The Nigeria-based company, Quaint Global Energy focuses on solar, biomass, and thermal energy in developing renewable power projects. Due to its sincere efforts, it received $1.3 million as a grant from the US Trade and Development Agency under Power Africa Initiative.

Karibu Solar Power

Karibu Solar is working for its expansion in Cameroon and Nigeria to provide solar lighting and affordable mobile phone charging services to over 1 million Africans in the next few years.