Pachinko is a pinball-like slot machine. It is also a recreational arcade which is Japan’s favorite form of gambling.

There are 11,000 Pachinko amusement parlors in Japan. These have the power to generate more revenue than the casinos of Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore combined.

According to the Japan Productivity Center, in 2018, the amusement parlors achieved revenues of 20 trillion yen ($180 billion, €165 billion).

Japan’s government has taken liberal actions for gambling. It is the first time in the country’s history that such sort of thing has happened. The country’s strict gambling laws have changed for the first time. It allowed the construction of three luxury casino resorts.

Integrated Resorts is the new business idea of casinos used in Asia. The gambling in the resorts is supposed to be just a small part of the overall shopping, entertainment and leisure experience.

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China’s gaming hub, Macau is a serious inspiration for Japan. Last year the biggest Casino in the region made a $49.23 billion in revenue.

The Fitch ratings agency predicted that Macau would see only low single-digital growth at best in the next few years. Given its 18% rise in 2018, its hard to beat the best

90% of all Macau’s Resort revenues comes from gaming, whereas in Vegas, 65% is non gaming. Table games in Macau and Singapore generate two-three times more the amount of revenues as in Las Vegas.

Asia has now raised the stakes with $65 billion casino boom. Gaming revenues are high as ever in it Asian markets. It is making it hard for other revenues to contribute to the overall growth.