In the fast-developing technology age, things are advancing at a speed that is beyond our expectations. And one example in this context is the use of smartphone and vehicle integration tools. In the world of gadgets, there are many tools available to integrate smartphones and vehicles in order to handle phone calls, messages, and listening to music without any difficulty. All across the world, people are buying advanced cars to utilize the features of smartphone and vehicle integration tools in a daily routine.

Through the use of car assistant systems, one can simply access the features of one’s phone through the infotainment system or through phone interface. The use of smartphone and vehicle integration tools ensures a high level of convenience and safety for every person while driving. It also eliminates the need to look at the phone while driving to help a person drive comfortably. Due to the reduction of temptations and distractions of looking at phones, it has simply become possible to reduce the number of accidents on roads worldwide. In this post, we have mentioned the list of awesome smartphone and vehicle integration tools that are getting quite popular these days.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is a car assistant app that is being used on a large scale by people all over the world. It demands an iPhone 5 or more advanced versions and replicates the function of a phone in a car with the help of Siri. The Third-party app helps to mimic the functions of a phone to access the favorite music with the use of voice commands. It can be controlled by placing hands on the Steering wheel in cars equipped with the systems. One can attend calls, see text messages, and listen to his favorite music using Apple CarPlay on music-streaming platforms such as Pandora, Spotify, etc.

Android Auto

Android Auto serves the same purpose for Android users as that is accomplished by Apple CarPlay for iOS users. In order to use Android Auto, one needs to download the app on one’s phone and then one can connect the phone with the car system using the USB port. Many people including Canadians compare android auto and apple carplay before using either of them in their cars. Android Auto helps to navigate on the roads with the use of Google Play on the phone in an easy manner.

Dash Car

Using the Dash Car tool, one can simply manage the functions of a phone in a car only. It comes integrated with IFTTT and it works with preferred OBD devices only. One can attend emergency phone calls, text messages and navigate through roads with the use of the Dash Car app.