Online game lovers could have their own preferences while playing games and choosing the best system. But it has been noticed that PC gaming is still dominating over the console gaming. Both the types of gaming are the most debated elements of the gaming world as to which one of them is better. We have studied both of these to explore the debate running among gamers and found PC gaming to be a better option than console gaming. In this article, we have covered a few reasons that tell us as to why PC gaming is a better option for playing video games.

Hardware Control

Hardware control is the biggest reason behind the domination of PC gaming over the console gaming. There are many popular consoles like Xbox and PlayStation that are becoming a craze among people. But gamers can not upgrade the component within them because console hardware is not easy to remove.

So console gaming does not allow you to upgrade to the better hardware to meet the demand for new video game graphics. And even if you want to upgrade, it takes hundreds of dollars to upgrade the consoles.

On the other hand, a computer or laptop can be upgraded whenever someone desires. This in turn allows the players to run next-generation video games easily without much hassle or spending much.

You Can Play Online for Free on PCs

This is the hidden cost of gaming consoles that you are required to get a paid subscription to play online games. You need PlayStation, Plus or Xbox Live Gold to enjoy the online functions of the games and they can cost you $60 per year.

But, PC games don’t have any such restrictions. Online play is free on the PCs or computers. You can enjoy as many games as you want for as many hours as you like. PC gaming is money saving and you can even use this money to buy peripherals likeĀ Gaming Mouse, keyboard or any other support you need.


Apart from the benefits mentioned above, building your own product is much more satisfying as compared to owning a ready-made product. You can develop your PC game by adding a few cool components to make it an incredible setup. PCs allow you to select motherboard, processor, graphics cards and Ram. Gamers can also use liquid cooling technology to keep the PC system cool and quiet.

But on the other hand, gaming consoles are ready made products and they can not be customized further. And even if you need customization direly, then you have to spend a lot of dollars on getting the desired product you need. This is not letting the people enjoy up till their satisfaction.

All these reasons are making PC gaming a much better and desired option as compared to the console gaming.