Industries started to grow in the 18th century and experienced massive attention in the 19th century due to the discovery of many applications. This industrial revolution has brought a large change in humans’ lives in terms of social and economical ways. There are many benefits of the industrial revolution which people are experiencing to live their lives hassle-free. But there are many adverse effects of industries too, that humans are experiencing.

Industries have brought many human worthy products along with industrial pollution. This pollution is taking the lives of thousands of people around the world every day. Earlier the plants of the industries were small in sizes but now they are larger and are emitting pollution at a large scale. As an industrial product consumer, you should know what are the reasons behind the fact that the industries are emitting pollution for humans and other living creatures.

Unplanned Industrial Growth

Every country wants to set up new industries to enjoy the technologies and fulfill the demands of its people. To do so, many companies are ignoring rules or standard practices to promote rapid growth. This is causing a lot of air and water pollution that is hazardous for everyone. The industries are also ignoring pollution laws because policies made by the pollution control board are not able to get enforced clearly.

Some industries are Using Poor Technology

Using poor technology to manufacture products also cause a lot of pollution. Updating to the latest technology is expensive and there are many companies that are still using outdated technologies to run their businesses successfully. Older technologies produce a large amount of waste material. Some times industries choose money when it comes to realizing the harmful effect of waste material on the environment. Industries are required to install pollution control systems so that they can reduce the waste material production.

Also, emergence of new technologies like Bonfilt filter belt fabrics for liquid-solid filtration and separation are also becoming readily available. Companies need to migrate to latest technologies to avoid causing harmful effects to the environment.

A large number of Small Scale Industries

Since the past few years, a large number of small scale industries have grown rapidly. It has caused manufacturing activities to double at a faster rate. The small industries want to operate with limited capital. Hence they use crooked and dangerous ways of manufacturing to maximize their output. This bad policy of the small scale industries leaves the environment with harmful waste and toxic material.