Black Friday— a day for people to get what they want the whole year and a day for retailers to empty their shelves— is full of gold & glitter, despite being associated with dark days in the US History. However, let’s not get too much ‘historical’, and focus on the topic/discussion of the day: Did you spend or did you save? 

What was in the stores?

Deals from some of the biggest retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, etc. were highly promoted and sold. If the online sales were only considered, people bought products & services worth a record-breaking $7.4 billion in a single day!

In a nutshell, people purchased crazy and businesses sold crazy.

But, did you spend or save?

Well, the answer is simple: If you bought what you “needed” and not “wanted”, you saved; otherwise, you spent.

For e.g., Freelancers and Business owners didn’t go to their workplaces or meeting spaces and bought necessary things like domains, hosting, security products, and other products/service they will be using the whole year. 

Similarly, if you craved something the whole year and bought it because it was in your budget, it’s also a save, despite being a “want”.

However,  if you purchased something just because there was 30% off, it was an unnecessary spend?

What do you say?