A cloud managed IT service provider is a third-party service provider that remotely manages a client’s end-user systems and IT infrastructure via the cloud. Some key services that cloud MSPs offer include managed security operations, IT life cycle management, managed network operations, managed cloud, and managed applications and mobility. These core services enable organizations to completely make up for the competencies they lack or replace processes or functions that usually incur huge costs. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets™, the cloud managed IT services market size is forecasted to grow to approximately $54 billion by 2022. This means that cloud managed IT solutions are fast becoming a necessity to stay in business today.

How are Cloud Managed Services Useful?

To begin with, cloud managed IT services allow for rapid cloud deployments that are tailored and configured to meet your business needs so that you are always operating on all cylinders. They also ensure better compliance and security, which means that your data is always protected. To add to that, these solutions also promise greater agility and scalability through their pay-as-you-go models, which can be very important for a rapidly growing business. Moreover, cloud managed IT solutions allow for effective resource utilization which, in turn, promotes higher levels of productivity and supports business continuity when faced with heavy workloads. There are a host of benefits that cloud managed IT solutions offer. Let us explore some of these in greater detail:


Centralized Applications and Services

Cloud MSPs manage all services and applications in a centralized data center. As such, there is a lot of scope for effective resource allocation, efficient storage and backup, increased productivity, and remote data access.

Robust Infrastructure

Cloud managed IT solutions offer robust infrastructure support through 24×7 management and efficient network infrastructure. These solutions can scan, monitor, report, integrate, update, patch, and align your network operations with your key business objectives for enhanced productivity.

Optimized Investment

Another key benefit of using cloud MSPs is that you can plan your expenditure on IT services better. You can do this by forecasting your organizational IT spending ahead of time with a fixed monthly subscription and thus optimize your investment on IT support as well.

Data Recovery & Safety

Cloud managed IT solutions can ensure data safety through timely recovery and backups across all cloud applications and safety because of its centralized data center.

How to Choose the Right Cloud Managed IT Solutions Provider for You?

There is a broad spectrum of options when it comes to choosing a cloud MSP that fits your bill. To pick the right one for your business, you must put a lot of thought into the attributes that the cloud platform should have. Here are some of the most important ones:

Expert Support

With cloud managed IT solutions, you can enjoy 24×7 assistance from a dedicated team of engineers rather than relying on your own basic research when issues arise. Cloud MSPs will continuously monitor, assess, and resolve any network or infrastructure issues to ensure that the entire IT environment is solid and functioning at optimal levels at all times. Additionally, you can expect exceptionally fast response times to any support issues or queries that you may have.

Flexible Solutions

Cloud managed IT solutions are inherently flexible in nature. As such, your cloud MSP will pick a solution that fits your precise needs and proactively identify and explore enhancements that could directly support your business’ core objectives. Flexible solutions also mean highly scalable solutions that can accommodate rapid changes in the business environment with zero downtime. These solutions are ideal for companies that are experiencing tremendous growth so that they can take advantage of the scalability that cloud managed IT solutions offer.

Disaster Recovery

A business’ entire operations can be put at risk with cyberattacks or data breaches of any kind. This is exceptionally true for SaaS companies that handle sensitive customer data on a daily basis – whether that be for government or in the financial or healthcare industry. You can leverage a disaster recovery solution to back up your cloud environment to a safe location, whether that entails operating systems and applications or file systems and existing configurations. In this way, your business operations can keep running with minimum downtime.

Third-party cloud managed IT service providers are becoming integral to a business’ success. This is because they offer services like managed cloud security operations and IT life cycle management to keep your business’ engine running smoothly. These services can fill in any gaps that are present in your cloud IT infrastructure and also help you avoid unnecessary recurring costs. Because you can always configure these managed IT solutions to fit your needs, security, compliance, and data integrity are never compromised. Turn to cloud managed IT solutions if you are looking for a way to enhance your organization’s security and productivity.