Technology-based innovations are changing the experience of people for playing games. Since a decade, a lot of changes have been seen in many games due to technology. The same changes are being seen in the skateboard equipment as well. Few innovative minds in the skateboard industry are making the skateboarding experience more enhanced and balanced. In this post, you are going to know about some changes due to technology in skateboards. Scroll down to know about them and buy one which includes them.

Skateboards are More Composite

According to the sports experts, classic seven-play maple deck is the best formation for skateboards in terms of durability. To get the durability, skateboard brands are now manufacturing skateboards with composite material. They  are now also changing the complete deck construction. The brands are now using self-made technology to enhance their products and increase the sale.

Birdhouse has established Black 6 technology that allows making a six-play deck. Birdhouse’s skateboard is thicker and the best for flipping. Another brand named, Santa Cruz also has its own P2 technology. This technology allows Santa Cruz to add a layer of kevlar between each ply. It provides a large pop in the skateboard.

Shark Wheels

An inventor named, David M. Patrick has brought shark wheels in skateboards. Shark wheels in the skateboards are admired a lot by the players. The inventor has made these wheels in an odd shape. Shark wheels are the combination of two shapes, cube and sphere. Players are finding their skateboard much faster and firm with shark wheels as compared to traditional wheels. And owing to that, a lot of people are now visiting a good source for skateboards which provides skateboards of all popular brands.

Spring Loaded Base Plate

Skateboards are now also coming with a spring-loaded base plate and a floating pivot. Avenue, which is a truck company, is manufacturing skateboards with the same technology. The complete design of the skateboard with a spring-loaded base plate and a floating pivot allow skaters a suspension to reduce the impact on a rough track and bad landing.

This is the first of this kind of skateboard that provides amazing flow through the air. There are many other technological enhancements that have now come in the designs of skateboards. People’s interest in skateboarding is compelling technical-minded people to bring new innovations into the game.