The online lotteries are giving a lucky chance to win a huge amount of money within a few seconds. There are many online lottery operators that are publishing lottery tickets weekly or on a monthly basis. We often purchase lottery tickets through online lottery agents that work for lottery operators. The online lottery agents get themselves registered with many lotteries and we purchase lottery from them without registering with all.

But the question is how the lottery agents make money. Some people think they do it for free, but it is not true. Since lottery agents operate through online platforms, they make a huge amount of money whether their clients win a lottery or not. Scroll down to know how online lottery agents make money.

Lottery Agents have Fixed Commission on Tickets

People only register for lottery agents to play for different lotteries. The outcome of lottery agents depends upon the number of tickets they sell. They have fixed commission on each sold ticket. Most of the times, this commission is in a single-digit form such as 5% to 9%. The percentage also depends upon the size of the lottery provider. Some lottery providers have large online market. They offer higher commissions to the lottery agents on each ticket. While small lottery providers offer low commission but large return to player factor.

Bonus From Winning Tickets

Lottery agents make money from clients’ win and lose both. When a person wins the lottery through a lottery agent, then the lottery agent is also treated as the winner, because the lottery agent has sold the ticket and motivated the people to purchase the tickets. Lottery agents get the same bonus from the winning tickets. Chances of selling the winning ticket are very low because lottery agents do not have any idea about it. Some lottery providers, prediksi hk¬†offer a fixed bonus of $10,000 to lottery agents on each winning ticket. The lottery providers take full care of lottery agents by providing them additional offers.


Google has given relaxation to promote lottery games. The lottery agents benefit a lot from online advertisements. They run online marketing campaigns on behalf of the lottery providers. It benefits both the lottery agents and providers. The lottery agents make large sales of tickets through advertisements. The operators also provide negotiation and offer on the sold tickets to the people.