The mobile app development business is growing day by day. There are thousands of applications on the app stores which are providing a significant source of income for app developers. Application templates are helping the app developers to make mobile applications more efficient and promising. Now the application templates are coming with many predefined elements including theme, logic, CSS and layout blocks. These elements are reducing the effort of working on the codes related to app development. There are few application templates that are more preferred among the app developers and they are adding a lot in the app development projects.


Web2App has remained the second most used template in 2019. Android Web View component is the most interesting feature of the Web2App template. It has a unique and a number of ways to develop or customize mobile applications. Web2App also contains detailed documentation of step by step instructions and video tutorials. Beginner app developers can use this template to make app development more easier and demanding.

Universal Android WebView App

Universal Android WebView App is one of the most used app templates by the developers. It is integrated with Google’s AdMob app monetization platform. Apart from Google’s integration, it has many other features such as geolocation, material design styling and pulls to refresh gesture support. The app developers can use this template in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and jQuery. This template is efficient to develop apps in any category.

Android News App

Android News App is suitable for developing news applications. It has two primary functions including PHP with MySQL server and Android Client. This template is suitable to attract global traffic to your application. The RTL feature of the Android News App allows adding famous languages in the application. Android News App template also supports Google’s AdMob app for customizing the features in accordance with the requirements.


Cookbook template is the best template for developing food-related applications. This template is used more by the restaurants for developing their own applications. It takes less effort and time due to the customization code. Cookbook supports the Material Design interface and the local SQLite database.