Winning lottery is as hard as getting a celebrity to notice you. It’s like you are begging for luck to smile on you and when it finally does, you freak out (happily of course).

Richard Lustig did the impossible of course. He won the grand prizes seven times. And that’s a nearly impossible feat to achieve for anyone. Once is sheer dumb luck, twice is fate smiling on you, but seven times is genius.

Forbes interviewed Richard Lustig and he shared some of his tips on how to play. Here are few of his advices you can follow.

Do not opt for quick pick

His first tip is avoid quick pick. Because choosing a set of numbers only works when you are playing in number sets. In case of sets every number doesn’t have the same amount of luck as the other. Lustig said “Your odds are always going to be at their worst in that particular game”, if you choose a set.

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Do not get stuck with few numbers

It is okay if you have a lucky number or want to use your birth date. But once you get stuck in a few numbers its hard to get a chance to win. Play across the board, use every number instead of just 1-31. Then you can win. You won’t have to share your win with everyone but only a few people, or if you are lucky enough you will be the only winner.

Do not bet more than you can afford

Being careful is never something a great lottery winner does. But Lutwig advises players to do so. While winning a huge chunk of money would bring you stability and make you filthy rich, chances of it happening are pretty slim. That’s  why you need to spend only as much as you can afford in lottery and not get caught in the lottery fever.

Lustig shared his tips in a book called “Learn how to increase your chance of winning the lottery”. While many believe it, Business Insider is skeptical about his tactics.