Blackjack is one of the most popular card games on the planet. It captivates with its simplicity of rules and accessibility. If you are lucky, it is really easy to win. If you don’t want to rely solely on fortune, we will reveal a few secrets that will help you win regularly.

Never take insurance, split pairs of eights and take a double if you have eleven points – these are the three basic rules that all blackjack fans are familiar with. But we have gone further and will tell you some interesting methods that will help you win even more and more often.

Why do you need a strategy in Blackjack?

Why is the casino a profitable business? Initially, the institution has a certain advantage over the player and assumes that he is poorly versed in games, so he will lose. For this reason, the winners in tin tứcbóngđá 24h casino, and in particular in cards are not only those who are just lucky, but who know the secrets and use them.

Blackjack is one of the most disliked casino games, because the advantage of the institution over the customers is less than 1%, especially if the game is with one deck. Of course, a tactic does not guarantee you an absolute win, but it can reduce to a minimum the probability of losing.

Important tips

The main goal of the game is to score more points than the dealer, but not more than 21. 

Now let’s give some key tips:

1. The casino gets an additional advantage of 0.2% if the dealer’s first two cards are at least 17 points.

2. Never need to take insurance (Insurance is offered when the dealer’s first card is an ACE, and there is a chance of Blackjack. If you use insurance, you will reduce the amount of loss in case of loss of Blackjack from the dealer or reduce your winnings if the dealer does not have Blackjack). You need to take risks in cards, so insurance is a way of the casino to deprive you of the maximum win.

3. Do not use any additional bets before the cards are dealt, although they look attractive, as a rule, lead to a loss at a distance.

The range of free Blackjack games is limitless. You can practice them as much as you want, without contributing a single penny, before you move on to the game for real money.

Basic strategy

Professionals disagree. Some believe that learning basic strategy is a vital weapon in the player’s arsenal. Others are convinced that counting cards is the main key to success.

It is impossible to say definitely who is right. This is checked by each client individually in practice.

The basic strategy is based on soft and hard combinations. The essence of gaining more cards stops at 18-20 points. Doubling is always used. The cards are stopped at 17 and above points in case of a hard combination. Doubling is done only at 9-12 points.

Does the basic strategy work?

Only when it comes to long-term planning. Yes, it may not bring fabulous winnings, but playing all-in threatens you with loss of funds in most cases.

Therefore, based on the basic strategy, you reduce the advantage of the casino by 0.5% at a distance. Given that the institution does not have a serious handicap before the client in Blackjack, then this method practically eliminates any superiority of the casino.

The basic strategy works best when splitting or doubling. According to statistics, Blackjack will fall to you 1 time for 20, but a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

Miscalculation of maps

The world-famous developer of blackjack strategies Henry Tambourine is convinced that only the miscalculation of cards is the only right way to success. However, there is one but. This can be done when you are directly in the institution. In an online casino, cards hang out automatically, and there are no regularities. For this reason, the methods of Tambourine for gambling establishments in the network are not applicable.

Now let’s look at a few more tactics used in Blackjack

High Lo 

A common strategy in Blackjack is card counting. Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and tens are marked at 1 point. Nines, eights, and sevens are 0. The remaining cards with twos on sixes each nine are considered as +1. Depending on the number received, the player will pass or play on. For example, if you get +5, then there are many tens in the deck, so you need to continue the game. If the sum becomes negative, it is better to pass.


It works according to its name. If you win, you need to increase the bet as many times as indicated in the name of the strategy. For example, the minimum bet is $ 1. If you win, the next bet is $ 3. If you win again, then the next bet is $ 2. In case of victory-then put 6 dollars. In the case of the fourth win in a row, again put 1 dollar, etc. it should be borne in mind that the player must return to the original bet after each loss.


Before starting, the player determines the amount of the smallest and largest bets on one hand. For example, the minimum bet is $ 1, and the maximum bet is $ 10. During the first hand, you have to put a minimum (1 dollar). Then it all depends on the outcome of the game. If you win, then the next bet is the maximum ($10 in our case). And we continue to put the maximum to defeat. After each loss, we return to the minimum bet-1 dollar. The essence of the tactic is that big wins completely cover losses.

Careful pursuit

In this case, the player has three bets: minimum ($1), average ($5), and maximum ($10). After the first win, you need to bet a maximum ($10). A repeat win means that the next bet will be the average bet ($5). If you have the third and subsequent wins, return to the minimum bet ($1).

As you can see, there is no correct tactic that would bring guaranteed success. But following the strategies, you reduce the probability of losing to a minimum.

However, of course, the choice is yours. And now it’s time to practice Blackjack, where you can do it absolutely for free.