People are using a variety of smartphones but they are still unaware of some technical elements present in their phones. You might have heard about the APK files that are present on your phone but did not understand about them.

Some smartphone users relate APK files with applications. It is true, but APK files do many more jobs in your phones. This post is a guide for smartphone users on APK files. We have covered some knowledgable things about them which you can read here.

What is an APK File?

APK is also known as the extension file. It is an android package file that enables the presence of mobile applications on Google’s Android operating system. Basically, APK files remain in a ZIP format and can be downloaded in the smartphones through Google Play Store. Apart from the Google Play Store, the APK files are also available on other websites.

An APK file contains some valuable content such as AndroidManifest.xml, classes.dex, and resources.arsc file. They play the same role that a .EXE file plays in window laptops. Smartphone users can visit to know about the use of APK files in different applications.

Why Would you Need to Install an APK File?

APK files of the newly updated applications are often leaked before the launch of the upgraded version. They provide smartphone users early access to a chance to download the updates and enjoy the new features of the applications.

In addition, some applications may be restricted to your region and an app update could take time to arrive in your region. If you have the latest APK, then you can access those applications without waiting for their arrivals. APK file extension also allows installing the older version of an application if you do not like the upgraded version. has details of how you can install APK files for different applications. You can download the APK files of your preferred application through this platform as well, to enhance your experience with smartphones.

How to Convert APK Files to Other Versions?

There are many file conversion software available on Google Play Store. But there is no need to convert APK files in any format. They run only in smartphones, and they are not needed to be run on several platforms like MP4 and PDF files need. You can simply convert the APK file in ZIP format by opening it in a file extension tool. Some people relate APK files with a virus but it is not true. They are just a setup for mobile applications.