There are numerous reports about the low quality of Buy Legal Meds and their “Cloud N9ne” products.

However, there has not been enough attention on the reports of Buy Legal Meds’s supposed CBD pain reliever, the Activ8 “Pain Relieving Gel.”

Many buyers have reported weak to zero effect from the gel, which is advertised as a pain relief product. A similar Activ8 tincture is being sold for near $300.

“Because this CBD oil was missing something… like CBD!” wrote one reviewer.

Three hundred dollars for a “pain relief” product that does not work is a serious consumer fraud violation. The Bureau of Consumer Protection and the Federal Trade Commission are just some of the regulators that may take interest in a fake “pain relief” product.

While Buy Legal Meds has an FDA disclaimer on their website in an attempt to shield themselves from FDA legal action, should the company be found to be selling a CBD product that does not conform to the material stated on its package, the company and its owners could find themselves in legal trouble, if not ultimately in a prison cell.

Joe Vargas is the owner of Buy Legal Meds. Vargas could not be reached for comment. His public Twitter account was recently suspended, though it is not known if it is related to the consumer complaints against his products.