Joomla is a content management system (CMS) that is used to creating powerful websites. A lot of websites based on the Joomla look very stunny and have an excellent design. Through this CMS, users can enter the backend system to manage content, set user levels, create shopping websites or social networks. It falls in the middle in terms of usability, Joomla has more sophisticated website development options than WordPress. As with all content management systems, for example, WordPress or Drupal, there are advantages and disadvantages to using this CMS. Also in this article, we will show you the best free Joomla templates available in 2020.

Joomla Strong Points

Easy Installation

Installing Joomla follows very simple steps to run a website, you only need a hosting or local server. Then the desired template can be installed, which takes no more than 10 seconds. Then it needs to activate the newly installed template and that’s it!

Tons of Extensions

Joomla is rich with lots of extensions in order to improve the website. Open-source plugins, components, modules, including commercial add-ons which powers Joomla site. There is endless Joomla abilities. You can expand your site with comment forums, social network integration, eCommerce, chats, banner ads, blogs, etc.

User Permission Levels

When you have a website, you come to decision, which users you wish to have access to different types of content. Thinking about who can view, publish and edit articles, make comments, manage content and other options. For convenience, Joomla offers nine different types of user access, but you can even create unlimited user types.

Rich Templates

Joomla has more than 3,000 templates that are easily customized. Many of them are free Joomla templates that look very professional, and which gives you the possibility to create a stunning website. Those templates are based on powerful layout frameworks, which gives endless possibilities.

Joomla Weak Points

Not Friendly for Beginners

It is not a secret that Joomla is really a user-friendly engine. But for complete beginners, Joomla is not so friendly. The beginner has to spend some time learning Joomla’s general usage. It some adaptation and time to get used to.

Joomla not so SEO-Friendly

Many people think that Joomla is not too good for SEO. When you manage your Joomla site correctly and when you have experience with it, this software is as convenient for SEO as other CMS. There are specific Joomla SEO plugins and components that need to be installed and managed correctly, and this will certainly improve your website’s SEO.

Extensions Combinability

Installing various Joomla extensions can cause problems because they do not always work well together. For example, when you configure the next specific extension, you may encounter some incompatibility issues to other Joomla extensions that need to be fixed. That’s why it is proved that the Joomla system requires a deep usage knowledge.

However, Joomla provides a good management tools. Just a little patience and you will have a powerful website. Below here we will describe some best free Joomla templates which you can use to build a professional-looking website.

JF Simone

JF Simone is a modern multifunctional free Joomla template with a responsive and very beautiful design. When we say multi-purpose, we mean it! This template is perhaps one of Joomla’s most complete free templates and gives you a large array of options for building your next CMS site. One of the signs of this is that in the template more than 10 different demos are included. An example of topics included in the demo pages: business, e-commerce, forum, portfolio – and much more! This template is extremely popular and receives feedback on functionality, design style and support.

JF Connecto

Free Joomla Templates - JF Connecto

JF Connecto is one of the top multi-purpose free Joomla templates brought by JoomForest. This template swings charts with its elegance and simplicity. The layout comes with various add-on features and is very clean styled. This template is good for photography, portfolio, eCommerce and for corporate websites and comes with dozens of pre-made demos to choose from. It supports the popular extension – EasyBlog, provides you with the best blogging platform available, it also allows you to use a template to create a presentation that is unique to yours. It is a great example of the simple elegance that the Joomla CMS platform can provide for your site.

JF Corporate

Free Joomla Templates - JF Corporate

JF Corporate is the perfect one-page, free portfolio Joomla template with beautiful CSS3 animations, smooth section transitions, a custom footer, and Google Maps integration. All this means that you can easily showcase yourself and your business, regardless of whether it is online or offline. And with its beautiful design, this template is such a template that will leave a fantastic and lasting first impression on your visitors. On the left, you will find various functional categories that can be customized for you, and in the center, you can show exactly what you are doing in style! This is a fully responsive Joomla template that takes full advantage of its effects, making it easy to create an interactive website that just tires your power!

JF Business

Free Joomla Templates - JF Business

If we were to choose a specific free Joomla template that does exactly what is supposed to, without the need to customize anything outside the logo and images – this is the JF Business template. As for business templates, this template, of course, should be installed somewhere next top to them. Where this template really stands out from the crowd is in its ability to present at least 2 different slide shows. This is a large portfolio space for those who hope to publicize what they do best! It also supports HTML 5, which makes it even easier for programmers to rearrange their stuff.

All of these free Joomla templates load quickly, so there should be no questions about the performance of each template. Let’s talk about the best options in terms of design and usability. If you want a multi-purpose template that you can use for absolutely anyone, JF Simone and JF Connecto are the two most popular options, and you are likely to be happy with any of them. Of the two, JF Connecto is absolute speed, although JF Simone is still pretty optimized. In addition, JF Corporate and JF Business can provide you with great flexibility and create pre-created demo sites. If you like blogs more, you should look at JF Connecto (ultra-minimalistic), or others are also good blog options.