You can use a burner to duplicate a CD, but it can be very time-consuming if you wish to duplicate a large number of CDs. There are other options you can utilize to duplicate CDs in bulk without wasting a lot of time and money.  Here are some other options you might consider:

CD/DVD Duplication Towers

Cd duplicators allow you to duplicate multiple discs in bulk. Compared with the standard CD burner, it can burn many copies at a time. Cd duplicators look like any tower CPU, except they are designed to burn CDs in medium to large quantities.

The pricing of CD duplicators depends upon the model the of CD drives and how many  are installed in the Tower. More CD burners means more discs per hour.

If you need to duplicate CDs in bulk on a regular basis, then you can consider buying a duplication Tower. Another option is to hire a reputable CD Duplication Company to handle all duplication and packaging for you.

Online CD Duplication Services

There are a myriad of CD burning companies on the internet. You can choose one by searching for a CD duplicator and get your CD duplicated in bulk online. If you are looking to get your CDs duplicated in bulk, then you might prefer to do your research and choose the best provider taking in to consideration quantity’s needed and other factors.

By searching and comparing your CD duplication companies online, you can get a good idea of the best pricing in the overall market for CD duplication services.

Nowadays, CD duplication companies are giving extra bonuses to their customers. Some companies are offering free label and insert design as well as submission to online distribution outlets.

Many musicians use online CD duplication services to duplicate CDs on demand and as needed. There are many online services that provide this service, but not all offer the most competitive pricing. Do your research!

If you need to duplicate a lot of CDs, another option may be to utilize an online CD Replication service. The process is similar but the discs are manufactured. Replication is usually more cost effective  and typically begins at the 1k level.


In this article, we have discussed CD duplication options. Whether you have ongoing needs and wish to perform the duplication yourself using CD Duplication Towers or simply wish to source through an online cd duplication service, the choice is up to you. We hope this article has clarified your options and we sincerely wish you success with your upcoming CD Duplication Project.