Getting a new printer is not an easy task as there are so many different types out there to choose from! Plus, it’s not as simple as buying a printer, plugging it in and printing; you need to consider the cost of ink, the quality of the printer, what functions you need it to have and whether there are any running costs that you need to factor in.

HP Envy 5055

HP’s Envy 5055 is an inkjet printer that can scan and copy as well. The way an inkjet works is to spray ink on the page directly from the inkjets that are installed. This is a great way to get fantastic quality prints but is also the reason that inkjets often print much slower than other types of printers.

The HP Envy 5055 works hard to give you what you want and the finish is great, leaving you pleased with the standard of printing. However, there are some serious cons to purchasing this machine that you must be aware of before you spend your cash!

What’s Not Great About the HP Envy 5055?

Firstly, the touchpad hasn’t really had an update from previous Envy models and as such remains difficult to use and lacking in response. There are also concerns about the quality of printing when using the black and white option on small fonts. This is primarily due to the black ink being sent through only a few nozzles and so parts get missed easily.

Another concern is the lack of USB port for digital memory cards, meaning that you must send to print from your device rather than just plugging in and printing. The Envy 5055 is a good choice if you don’t rely heavily on printing reams and reams and need high quality printed fonts.

What’s Great About the HP Envy 5055?

With any negative comes a positive and the Envy 5055 is not short of great features. Firstly, it is made from durable materials and is built to be sturdy; this is great when it is purchased for use at home and needs to be shifted from one place to another.

It has near-perfect colour printing options and you will be amazed at how well your coloured documents and images are delivered. In addition to the quality, it is also easy to connect any device to; with Google Cloud Print and Apple Air Print, you won’t need to send your printing jobs to your desktop if you want to get hold of something quickly.

Ink Options

The Envy 5055 makes use of the new 65 cartridges and this is helpful as they last longer than their predecessors. You can even search for universal replacement ink for HP Envy 5055 and buy replacement ink for the machine and this appears to work incredibly well as a cheaper and more reliable option. There are many ink refill services for you to choose from and companies like Smart Ink are a great choice.


If you want a printer that will take care of your everyday household printing needs then the HP Envy is a great choice with near-perfect printing. It is a budget-friendly printer and will withstand the test of time.