The electricity generation sector is making progress on a large scale and it has only become possible because of the technology advancements. As the need for electricity has been rising at an excellent rate, every business unit is looking for cheap electricity to make a huge profit. And hence, there are plenty of online services available that compare different business electricity rates in order to meet the requirements of different clients.

In this post, we have mentioned the emerging technologies that are simply contributing to the development of the electricity generation industry.  Due to the advent of emerging technologies, it has become possible for everyone to enjoy cheap electricity in today’s time. And these technological revolutions in the electricity generation has made it possible for companies to enjoy reasonable commercial electricity rates for producing different products.

Microbial Fuel Cells

Every bacterial present in the environment breathe and can be used to generate electricity using a microbial fuel cell. In this process, breathing microbes are connected to a cathode and an anode to release the electrons to generate power. The use of MFCs is made to generate electricity from wastewater. It has been found that the combination of phototropic and heterotrophic bacteria can be used in microbial fuel reactions in order to generate a lot of electricity in comparison to conventional means.

Solar Power

Solar power is not a new thing for us but this sector has made certain developments and one such is solar voltaic glass that can generate solar power in an innovative manner. In this case, photovoltaic glass makes use of salts to absorb energy. Solar PV paint is made of tiny light-sensitive particles along with the coat of conductive materials and it plays a crucial role in electricity generation.

Betvoltaics Devices

In this, electricity is produced from the waste particles released from a radioactive material using Betvoltaic devices. This way, it also becomes possible to store radioactive wastes and reduce its harmful impact on the environment. It is possible to generate one watt of power for the use of one betavoltaic battery for about 30 years.

Tidal Power

In earlier times, the use of Tidal power was limited due to its high cost and limited availability. However, there are certain developments and changes that have made tidal power a wonderful source of electricity in today’s time.